The GEC is advised by two faculty committees: the Global Education Center Advisory Committee (GECAC), and the Global Education Curriculum Committee (GECC).

Global Education Center Advisory Committee (GECAC)

The Global Education Center Advisory Committee (GECAC) supports and offers advice on all aspects of the Global Education Center. It is made up of faculty members from the various colleges and schools, except for the Elon University School of Law, and various staff members who have close relationships with the Global Education Center, including the GEC Library Liaison and the Director for the new Center for Research on Global Education. The following positions in the GEC are members of the GEC Advisory Committee: the Dean of Global Education, the Assistant Dean of Global Education, Director of Semester & Exchange Programs, Director of Global Experiential Learning, and Director of International Students and Scholars. Faculty members are appointed for three years by the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs in consultation with the Dean of Global Education and based on expressed interest. Particular responsibilities of the Committee include vetting proposals for faculty-in-residence at the Elon Centers Abroad and providing input on policies, programs, and other global initiatives.

GECAC in Faculty Handbook

Committee members, 2023-24:

Rotating Members

Casey Avaunt, Assistant Professor of Dance

Martin Kamela, Associate Professor of Physics and Chair of the Department of Physics

Xin Liu, Assistant Professor of Marketing


Young Do Kim, Associate Professor of Sport Management

Brittany Riggs, Lecturer in Mathematics & Statistics

Yidi Wu, Assistant Professor of History


Zahra Akbari, Lecturer in Economics

Manoj Chari, Assistant Professor of Business Analytics

Kristin Lange, Assistant Professor of German

Standing Members

Andrea Sinn, Program Director of International and Global Studies and O’Briant Developing Professor and Associate Professor of History

Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler, Director of the Center for Research on Global Engagement and Professor of Psychology

GEC Members

CHAIR: Nick Gozik, Dean of Global Education

Mark Kurt, Assistant Dean & Professor of Economics

Allegra Laing, Executive Director of Global Programming


Global Education Curriculum Committee (GECC)

The Global Education Curriculum Committee (GECC), formerly called the Study Abroad Committee (SAC), is a standing committee appointed by the Academic Council. Faculty members representing all of the colleges and schools, except for the Elon University School of Law, are appointed. There are eight or nine faculty members, each with a three-year appointment. The Director of Elon Core Curriculum serves as a standing committee member. Non-voting members include the Dean of Global Education and the Assistant Dean of Global Education. The role of the GECC is to act as a proxy of the Curriculum Committee in approving courses proposed for short-term faculty-led global programs. In addition to reviewing and deciding on approval of the proposals, the GECC approves policy decisions related to short-term faculty-led global programs and offers advice to new faculty members in putting forward proposals.

GECC in Faculty Handbook

Committee members, 2022-23:

Voting members

Nina Namaste, Associate Professor of Spanish in the Department of World Languages and Cultures

Waseem Kasim, Assistant Professor of History

CHAIR: Svetlana Nepocatych, Associate Professor of Exercise Science


Christy Benson, Associate Professor of Business Law, Management and Entrepreneurship

Derek Lackaff, Associate Professor of Communication Design & Director of iMedia Graduate Program

Kai Swanson, Assistant Professor of Cinema and Television Arts


Jeff Carpenter, Professor of Education and Director of Teaching Fellows Program

Damion Blake, Associate Professor of Political Science and Policy Studies

Paula DiBiasio, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy Education

Standing Members

Matthew Buckmaster, Director of the Elon Core Curriculum & Associate Professor of Music and Education

Non-voting members

Nick Gozik, Dean of Global Education & Assistant Professor

Mark Kurt, Assistant Dean of Global Education & Professor of Economics