Welcome to Elon, new international students!

Updated Nov. 24, 4:07 PM EDT

This year, International Student Orientation is all online and at your own pace. Below are orientation videos, prepared for you by key partners and students that have been in your shoes.

Take your time on this page — it’ll take just over two and a half hours to watch all of the videos below. So, pour yourself a cup of tea, take it session by session, and jot down where you have questions or would like to learn more.

Health and Wellness

Hear from Dr. Ginette Archinal, medical director of student health and university physician, and Dr. Mark Dalhouse, director for global educational initiatives and assistant professor, on how to stay healthy and well this semester, and to learn more about medical norms in the United States and at Elon.

Counseling Services

Meet Jeremy Bryant, a member of Elon’s counseling staff, as he talks with Bill Burress, director of study abroad, to overview counseling resources both on and off campus and talks about the importance of mental health.

Counseling Services – Groups and Workshops

Watch a brief introduction to group experiences and workshops offered by Counseling Services.

Academic Culture and Advising

The academic and classroom culture at Elon and in the United States may be different than what you’re used to — learn more about Academic Advising from Kathy Ziga, assistant director of academic advising, as she chats with Victoria Lo, assistant director for global internships, and Catherine Hinken, assistant director for global centers.

A message from the International Student Ambassadors

Hear from other international students! Learn from their adjustment to Elon and their advice to you.

Identity Resources and Support

Get to know the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education (the CREDE) and El Centro by meeting Kiah Glenn, assistant director, as she introduces some of the ways to connect.

Campus Safety

We know you have been introduced to Campus Safety via New Student Orientation; however, international students are likely to have different questions when joining our campus.  Meet our Elon’s Community Liaison Officer, Sergeant Joel Thomas for a conversation about his role at Elon. In this conversation with Rhonda Waller, executive director of global engagement, we will dig into topics such as gun culture in the U.S., the Black Lives Matters movement in the U.S., the intersection of alcohol laws and campus code of conduct, along with how to tell the difference between an officer from Elon Campus Safety, City of Burlington, Town of Elon, by their uniforms and other visible markers.

Student Professional Development Center

Get to know the Student Professional Development Center, where you can search for jobs, get expert résumé advice, practice interviewing, and more. Meet Rachael Rysz, assistant director of career services for the College of Arts and Sciences, and Danielle Golinski, associate director of career services for the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, as they tell you about the services offered by the SPDC and introduce you to networking and advocacy.

LewerMark Health Insurance

Learn more about your insurance policy and the many resources provided by LewerMark from this welcome video and from their website, chock full of helpful guidance for you.