How Do I Enter?

Participants may enter up to a maximum of two times, once individually and once as a group. To enter, you must fill out the submission form with information about the project and its creators. The submission form can be found on its respective website page. Please note you must acknowledge a request for consent. Your consent permits us to use your submission in subsequent training or publicity materials, including announcing the competition winners and advertising future competitions. If you submit on behalf of a group project, your consent will be for all group members.

Additionally, your multimodal project must be placed in a shareable Google file or folder with the appropriate file name. If submitting an individual project, please rename it using the following convention: Your Last Name_Type of Document_Title of Project. For example, Rosinski_Slideshow_Stem Cells Research would be the correct file name. If you are submitting a group project, please follow the guidelines above; in addition, use the submitter’s last name and put the word “GROUP” after your name. For example, Rosinski GROUP_Slideshow_Stem Cells Research would be appropriate here. All contest entries must be submitted by the given due date, usually early December.