Academic Advising

What IB scores does Elon accept for credits?

We accept IB scores, specific requirements can be found here.

Is there a foreign language class requirement for graduation?

Students are required to take a world language in order graduate or you can place out by taking the World Language Assessment during the summer prior to your first year at Elon. See the World Languages curriculum page for more information.

Does it become difficult for undecided students to finish core requirements?

The majority of Elon students enter as undecided and have until the end of sophomore year to declare a major. During your first year and a half, you will take general education (Elon Core Curriculum) courses and will work with your Elon 101 adviser to discuss your areas of interest. It isn’t difficult for students to complete Elon Core Curriculum requirements. Students have the ability to have courses count for multiple general education requirements.

Do I need to choose my courses for fall before move-in?

No. The Office of Academic Advising will create your first semester schedule for you after you complete the Course Request Form, which will be sent out in early May.

If students receive accommodations in high school for additional testing time, adjusted deadlines, isolated testing environments, etc., can they receive the same accommodations at Elon?

Yes. Submit official documentation to our Office of Disability Services and would work with that office to obtain accommodations.

When are you assigned an advisor?

When you arrive at Elon in late August, you will meet your Elon 101 academic advisor, but your first semester schedule will have been already created for you. During Elon 101 throughout the fall, you will work with your Elon 101 advisor to create your four-year plan and eventually you will register for Winter Term and spring semester courses with your advisor. Once you formally declare your major, you will receive an advisor who is a professor within that major.

Is there a marketing/business major? What is offered in terms of business?

Yes, Elon offers a marketing major. Our Love School of Business offers a plethora of majors and minors.

Which AP scores are accepted?

You can find a full list of test scores that are transferred, and credit you receive for them, here.

When will Academic Advising release the Course Request Form?

You will be sent the Course Request Form in early May.

When do students declare a major?

Students must declare their major by the end of their sophomore year.

Can I make a customized major? What’s the process?

Elon does offer an Independent Major option.

Is there any case in which a student wouldn't get into their desired major?

Only if the program required a portfolio or audition (i.e. studio art, music theater, acting) or if the student was not in good academic standing with the university.

How does registration for classes and schedules work with Fellows programs?

Students who are in the Fellows program will work with their Fellows’ advisors to ensure they are enrolled in the required Fellows courses. Only Fellows will be allowed access to enroll in their specific Fellows program classes. Fellows courses are woven into the student’s schedule alongside their non-Fellows classes.

How do we go about a pre-med program?

Students with a desire to pursue medical school will still study whatever major they so choose but will be part of the Health Professions track. Elon has a robust Health Professions track and a separate Health Professions advisor.

Who do we contact regarding transferring dual credits?

Please refer to this page to see courses that have already been approved to transfer


Who can I contact about the dance science major?

You can contact Lauren Kearns, professor of dance and chair of the Department of Performing Arts or you can learn more about the dance science major here.

As a dual-enrolled student, how do we make sure all our credits are transferred?

As a transfer student, you earn credit for courses taken through college parallel programs at accredited junior colleges or community colleges, and for courses taken at accredited four-year colleges and universities. Transcripts are evaluated and credit is awarded on a course-by-course basis after you have been accepted for admission.

Does Elon have a pre-law program?

Yes. We have a Legal Professions program. Students in that program are part of a community of students interested in legal issues or attending law school. They are given dedicated Legal Professions advisors and get involved in extracurricular and internship opportunities.

What are the highlights of the communications programs?

School of Communications students are immersed in hands-on learning alongside faculty mentors with years of experience in news, interactive media, television, public relations, advertising, web design, screenwriting, film production, photojournalism and sport management. Students can major in journalism, strategic communications, cinema and television arts, communication design, media analytics and sport management.

When do you have to declare your major?

You don’t have to declare a major until the end of your sophomore year.

Does Elon have a hotel management program?

We do not currently offer a hotel management program as a field of study. We have students who work at the Inn at Elon, the boutique hotel on campus.

Does Elon have an anthropology major?

At Elon, the disciplines of anthropology and sociology are housed within one department to create a comprehensive, integrated approach to the study of various human societies and how those societies are interrelated. You will take that understanding outside the classroom and explore those concepts through field research, study abroad, internships and service learning.

Does Elon have any programs for internships in the Washington D.C area?

Yes. We work with the Washington Center for internships in the D.C. area.

Does Elon offer any academic scholarships? Who should I contact for that?

Elon offers several merit-based and need-based scholarships. Elon provides three merit-based scholarships that students are considered for during the application process, including the Presidential Scholarship, Elon Engagement Scholarship and International Scholars. Many students apply to our Fellows, Scholars, Accelerated and Odyssey programs. If you want more information, reach out to your Admissions Counselor for questions regarding merit-based aid and scholarships.

When will financial aid offers be released?

Financial Aid offers are prepared on a rolling basis depending upon when the Financial Aid Office received the necessary materials to prepare your package. Generally, all packages are received by early or mid-April. You can find out more by contacting the Office of Financial Aid.

What is the First-year Summer Experience?

First-Year Summer Experience (FSE) programs are designed to help incoming students feel confident and prepared as they enroll at Elon. The FSE programs embrace the university’s commitment to experiential learning and use this guiding philosophy to help students develop self-awareness, enhance relationships, and define community in preparation for their Elon experience.

Is study abroad included in your tuition cost?

Study abroad is a great opportunity for many of our students here on campus.    Students may have additional cost that are related to this opportunity. Costs are broken down into three categories:

  • What students pay to Elon (always Elon tuition, international health insurance and a study abroad fees
  • What students pay to the host institution (sometimes room and/or board are paid to the host rather than to Elon)
  • Additional student cost estimates (including items like airfare, visas, books, and in-country transportation)

What is the path for internships?

Internships are a vital step towards advancing in a career post-graduation. Elon has resources to ensure that each student can sharpen their skills and obtain an internship that fits their overall interest through our Student Professional Development Center. Visit our Student Professional Development Center for more information.

Is there a winter break in addition to the Winter Term?

Yes. For example, the fall semester ends on December 10, 2021. Winter Term begins January 4, 2022. Exams for Winter Term are on January 25, 2022, and spring semester begins January 31, 2022.

What are the important deadlines for incoming first-year students?

The enrollment deposit is due on May 1 and is the first important deadline for incoming students. Following that students have until May 13 to submit their Housing Application. After you deposit, you will receive a publication called Elon Bound in the mail. It contains a lot of important information, including dates and deadlines.

Can you study abroad during Winter Term?

Yes. Winter Term is a great time to study abroad if you do not want to spend more than a month away from Elon.

Was scholarship money and financial aid included in the acceptance letter?

A limited number of merit-based scholarships are awarded at the time of admissions. Financial aid packages are released continually as they become available.

Will the deposit policy be changed to refundable?

Early Action and Regular Deadline deposits are fully refundable until May 1. Should you request a deposit extension and it is approved, your deposit will be fully refundable until the date of your extension.

How do I set up my Acorn Account?

When you applied to Elon, you should have received an email containing your username and password to access your applicant status page or Acorn Account.  If you are having issues accessing your account, please contact The Office of Admissions.

Do you offer any scholarships for specific areas of study?

Program-specific scholarships come in the form of applying to and receiving a Fellows or Scholars scholarship.  Additionally, our talent-based programs, within Performing Arts and Athletics, also offer scholarships.

Will AP credit still count with the altered tests?

Elon will accept AP test scores from the changed AP testing process this spring. The scoring will be similar and there will be no changes to Elon’s AP credit policy.

What is class registration like? Is it hard to get into classes? Do you have to apply for majors or can you select?

Class registration is not difficult, particularly with the assistance of your academic advisor. Every incoming student is paired with an academic advisor that will help guide those choices.

Is it possible to build your own minor?

Given the flexibility of the Elon academic calendar and the amount of room students have to complete more than one minor, one is usually able to “build their own minor” by simply having multiple. It is quite common for students to have up to three different minors.

Can you explain the Winter term (also known as J-term)?

Elon functions on a 4-1-4 academic calendar. This means there is a fall semester, spring semester and A Winter Term, which is in January. Winter Term is optional. Students can complete a semester’s worth of coursework for a class in one month. Students take one class for three hours, five days a week. Students also have the opportunity to take one of their core classes during Winter Term. Many students take this month of January to participate in one of our many global study programs. More than 30 global study program options are offered during Winter Term.

Do first-year students take the same core classes?

Yes. All students complete the same core classes. They are called First-Year Foundations. 

Can prospective students connect with current students?

Certainly! Prospective students are invited to visit Welcome to College. It has information about our current student tour guides and diversity ambassadors. Many students connect through mutual interests, majors, or location. You can feel free to email students directly. We also offer Chat with a Phoenix.

Can you confirm if the Acorn Account is the same as the OnTrack account sign in?

Your Elon Acorn Account is separate from your OnTrack Account. You can log-in to OnTrack via your Acorn Account. If you experience issues with logging into the OnTrack account, please contact our Technology Service Desk. For issues accessing your Acorn Account, please email

How do you know who your admissions counselor is?

Your admissions counselor is determined by the state where your high school is located.

Do you offer any scholarships for students with disabilities?

We do not currently offer scholarships for students with disabilities; however, all students are considered for merit scholarships based on their application for admission. We also encourage students to apply to our several other scholarship programs such as Fellows, Odyssey, or Accelerated Pathways.

Do first-year students need to take a foreign language placement test?

Yes. Incoming students are required to take a World Languages Assessment prior to arriving on campus in the fall. This assessment is also used to finalize your course schedule in accordance with Elon’s world language requirement.


Can students do an overnight at Elon? Take classes? When might this be available?

Students can register to attend a virtual class during the spring or fall semester. Current circumstances make it difficult for you to sit in on a class, but we didn’t want you to miss out on what our faculty mentors offer students. We have created a series of videos to help you understand what a classroom experience is like at Elon. We do not currently offer any overnight programs at Elon.

How hard is it to double major?

The ease with which students can double major depends on the specific majors they wish to pursue. Generally speaking, it is quite easy for students to find the time to double major because of our Winter Term. By taking a class every Winter Term, students add an additional four courses—the equivalent of a full semester—over your four years, which gives students the necessary flexibility to be able to pursue a second major.

What is the average class size? And what is the maximum number of students in each class?

Our average class size is 20 and all classes are capped at 33.

What are some of the most popular classes at Elon?

Most popular courses will depend on your major. Our Winter Term offers a time to take some unique courses. Some popular courses taught over Winter Term include “Kennedy Assassination Through Film and “Chemistry of Cooking.”

What are some first-year mentorship opportunities?

First-year students receive a lot of support from their Elon 101 professor who is also their first academic advisor until they declare a major), the Elon 1010 teaching assistant and their resident assistant in their residence hall. In addition, there is a lot of mentorship offered by students involved in the organizations they join. It also won’t take long for students to establish relationships with faculty and staff and many will become mentors.

If accepted to Elon but not into my major of choice, will I have the opportunity to re-apply to the major later?

Elon does not require students to apply specifically to their program of study, with the exception of our Performing Arts programs. If you have questions about auditioning as a lateral entry into a Performing Arts program, please contact Kimberly Rippy.

Can a student participate in theatre without being a theatre major?

Yes. There are classes that non-majors are able to join. Non-majors can also assist with productions.

Does Elon have any dual-degree programs?

Elon has a four-year engineering program, and it has a dual-degree program. Students participating in the dual-degree program will complete three years at Elon. These years will include science, mathematics, computer science and Core Curriculum courses along with their discipline-specific courses. Foundational engineering courses are offered by our faculty every fall and spring. After finishing three years at Elon and satisfying the entry requirements of the affiliate engineering university, the student will transfer to the engineering institution, normally for two more years. Those affiliate universities are North Carolina State University, Georgia Tech, Penn State, Virginia Tech, University of Notre Dame, Washington University in St. Louis, North Carolina A&T State University, University of South Carolina and Clemson University.

There is also a business dual-degree, which is a unique four-year program designed for students who want a truly global education and have strong interests in living, working and studying business for two years at Elon and at one of our four partner schools. The program offers you the opportunity to study international business in two cultures, giving you a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Elon students participating in the program spend their first two years on Elon’s campus and their last two years in Germany, France, Italy or Spain.

Other than filling out housing information, what else should admitted students be working on at this time?

At the moment, admitted students should be focusing on finishing out their senior year strong in this new way of learning and life we are all adjusting to as a result of the coronavirus.  As new forms and tasks come up for admitted students, they will be notified via email. It is important that students are not only checking their personal email accounts but also their Elon email account once that has been assigned. Admitted students can also begin forming connections with other admitted students via the ZeeMee community.

Can you talk about financial opportunities that may be available for future college years? Are there other opportunities to apply to once you are a student?

Students can apply for departmental scholarships over the course of their four years. These scholarships are awarded by each academic department separately and vary from year to year. Another great way that students help finance their time at Elon is through our on-campus employment opportunities.

Is it going to be harder for international students to be accepted given the impact of Covid-19?

We are very aware of the difficult circumstances everyone is going through right now. As always, we value our international students, their unique contributions and the impact they have in our community. We look forward to reading your application and learning more about you. Please feel free to reach out to the director of International Admissions Hebe Fuller at

What would my first semester of classes look like as a business major?

This will vary from student to student. Students will take their first-year foundations (writing, global, statistics/calculus and Elon 1010) throughout their first year. Many students might also be taking introductory level classes to their intended majors. Typically, a first-semester student will take four classes.

For a student planning to major in music recording and production, is there room to double major in general engineering without taking five years to graduate?

The ease with which students can double major depends on the specific majors they wish to pursue. Generally speaking, it is quite easy for students to find the time to double major because of our Winter Term. Our annual Winter Term adds an additional four courses, the equivalent of a full semester, over your four years, which gives students the necessary flexibility to be able to pursue a second major. We recommend students consult with their academic Advisor when selecting a major course of study.

Is there a lot of alumni networking at Elon?

Elon has a very strong alumni network. Many majors have LinkedIn groups to help connect current students and graduates to each other. Additionally, we have an alumni office that helps keep the community connected. Finally, our Student Professional Development Center is constantly maintaining relationships with our graduates in order to connect current students to internship and job opportunities.

When do we sign up for classes?

Students will receive Elon’s online course request module in early May.

What kind of services do you have for students with disabilities?

Elon is committed to the principle of equal opportunity. The Office of Disabilities Services works one-on-one with students to ensure they have the proper resource and tools to succeed.


How competitive are the club teams?

Elon’s club sports teams are definitely competitive.

Where did the Phoenix mascot come from? Is there a story behind it?

When Elon athletics switched to the NCAA and Division I in 2000, the decision was made to change our mascot to the Phoenix. In 1923 a fire destroyed part of campus. The phoenix is known for rising from the ashes and so did Elon, which makes it a fitting representative for our school.

What are games like for students?

One of the great things about all of our on-campus games is that they are free for students. Students are a pivotal part of our cheering sections. The Elon community—current students, faculty and staff, and alumni—create a strong tailgating presence before home games.

How can I get involved with Phoenix Phanatics?

Great question! Visit the group’s PhoenixConnect page or sign up during one of our student organizations fair.

Favorite tradition on game day?

There are some great game day traditions, including the ringing of the Victory Bell after a home win and the “hammock section” at baseball games.

Dining at Elon

Are there any food trucks on campus?

We have a program called Food Truck Frenzy. More than 10 food trucks from across the state participate in the event, which is held once a semester and is a collaboration between Elon Dining and the Elon Student Union Board. In addition, Elon Dining brings a food truck to campus every Wednesday. Some food trucks that have participated, include Chirba Chirba Dumpling Truck, Mr. Mongolian, The Humble Pig, Jam Ice Cream, Qspresso, Dusty Donuts, Bam Pow Chow, American Meltdown, Baguetteaboutit, Morfa Empanadas, Bulkogi Korean BBQ, CockaDoodleMoo, Pelican’s SnoBalls and SoomSoom Pita Pockets.

Can you carry out food from a dining hall?

We do have carry out options from every dining hall. Fun fact: This year we began a reusable, sustainable carry out box option.

Any sushi or poke bowls?

Very valid question! Yes. We can confirm that poke bowls have been spotted in Elon’s dining halls.

Do meal dollars carryover to next semester or the following academic year?

Meal Dollars come with your meal plan. These can be used at any Elon Dining facility working on the same principle as a debit card. Meal Dollars carry over from fall to Winter Term and Winter Term to spring. (You must purchase same or higher priced meal plan in spring for meal dollars to transfer). Roll over Meal Dollars will appear on student accounts after the Add/Drop period ends. If you run low on Meal Dollars, reload with Food Dollars.

Food Dollars are a pre-paid declining balance account used exclusively in dining locations on campus. Food Dollars are a great way to customize your meal plan based on your individual eating habits: snacking, dining in casual restaurants, purchasing groceries, etc. Food Dollars differ from Meal Dollars in that they are added in addition to your meal plan, and they stay on your card as long as you enrolled at Elon. You can add Food Dollars at any time.

See Elon Dining’s Meal Plan FAQ page for more information.

Are the declining dollars only for the 7 or 14 plans I'm assuming that there are no declining dollars in the all access eating areas?

Correct. There are no declining dollars for all access.

What is Phoenix Cash and how does it differ from the meal plan?

Great question. Phoenix Cash is money you can load onto your student ID card, which is called a Phoenix Card, and you can use it at many local restaurants.

Are there any late-night food options?

Yes. There are late-night food options offered in various dining halls and retail establishments.

Can the meal plan be used in restaurants near campus?

You cannot use your meal plan in local restaurants but many accept Phoenix Cash, money you can load onto your student ID card. See a list of local restaurants that accept Phoenix Cash here.

What's the most popular meal plan for first-year students?

All first-year students are required to have an All Access Meal Plan but they can upgrade to a +7 or +14 meal plan. See Elon Dining’s Meal Plan page for more information.

Diversity and Inclusion at Elon

What percentage of Elon students are Jewish? Do you have a Hillel on campus?

More than 10 percent of Elon students are Jewish. We do have a Hillel on campus. The Sklut Hillel Center is our Jewish community’s home away from home on campus. Unlike many other Hillel houses, we have a real home with a comfortable open plan living/dining room, a large kosher dairy kitchen full of food, a meeting room, a comfortable lounge and beautiful outdoor seating.

All students know they can come by the house anytime – with their friends, Jewish and not – to study, prepare lunch from the full fridge, bake cookies, just unwind with friends, or chat with the Hillel staff, who are always available to our students.

What percentage of undergraduate students is Asian-American?

About 3 percent of the student body identifies as Asian. The Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education (CREDE) aims to provide services and programs that support the collegiate experience of Asian and Pacific Islander-identified students, while also providing opportunities for engagement and education to the rest of the university community on the culture, identities, and experiences of Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the United States and abroad. There is also an Asian Pacific Student Association.

Are there different cultural dining options?

Yes. Lakeside Dining features cuisine from a different country every week. We’ve heard it described as “studying abroad in your stomach!”

Is there a space online for LGBTQIA students at Elon?

At Elon, we strive to make our students, faculty, staff, and alumni feel they belong on campus, no matter their specific gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. Elon’s Gender & LGBTQIA Center offers many resources whether you are seeking them in person or online.

Elon Core Curriculum

Where can you find the classes required for the major you are interested in?

You can find degree requirements and suggested courses for each of our majors in our academic catalog.

Where can incoming freshman find the list of classes so they can compile the list of 12 classes that they’re interested in to give to their advisor?

These courses will be provided within the course selection form. Students will receive detailed instructions about how to go about selecting courses when they begin the course selection process in the coming weeks.

Can my advisor be in my major?

If your Elon 1010 instructor will be your advisor until you declare your major. At that point, you will have a professor in your major as your advisor.

Do you accept dual-enrollment classes for credit?

Yes, we do. If Elon has an equivalent class, you may get credit for a specific class. If Elon does not have a comparable class, you may get “elective” credit in that same subject area.

I took an English college course from a college near me. Will those credits transfer?

You can find a full list of transfer courses and associated credit here:

Are all majors required to take a world language?

Yes. All students are required to fulfill a world languages requirement as part of the Elon Core Curriculum.

When is an advisor assigned to incoming freshman and does advisor help with choosing classes for fall semester?

Students are assigned an academic advisor before the beginning of their first semester. Their advisor is also their Elon 1010 instructor, so students will meet will see their advisor weekly in class during the first semester and learn how to register for courses, choose a major and develop a four-year graduation plan. Once a student officially declares a major, they will receive a new academic advisor from within their area of academic interest.

For their first semester, students will complete a course request form that Academic Advising will use to create their fall schedule.

Living at Elon

Are there virtual tours of each residence hall? Can I get information about room layouts?

Elon tour guides take you through a video tour of five of Elon’s eight residential neighborhoods, including Global Neighborhood, Danieley Center Neighborhood, Colonnades Neighborhood, East Neighborhood and Historic Neighborhood. Detailed information about residential neighborhoods and room layouts are available on the Residence Life website.

Can you request a roommate? Is it guaranteed to get that roommate?

Students can indicate a roommate preference, if desired. After completing the housing application, students can match with a roommate by choosing Room Selection from the top menu, then Roommates/Suitemates. Students will then search for a roommate. The roommate will receive an email and must accept the request. Learn more here on the Residence Life website.

When will our housing assignments be released if we have already submitted the housing application?

Housing assignments and roommate information will become available online and sent to your Elon email account on July 23.

How do I submit my housing request?

Once you submit your enrollment deposit, you will get access to Elon’s housing application. You will apply for housing using Residence Life’s self-service system with your new Elon username and email (this arrives shortly after you submit your deposit). Housing applications must be completed by May 13.

Should I be putting in a housing deposit soon?

We do not have a housing deposit at Elon. Your enrollment deposit is due May 1. If an extension is needed, please email your admissions counselor directly.

Can freshman have cars on campus?

Yes. First-year students can have a car on campus. You can find more information on the Campus Safety & Police website.  

Does Elon have Living Learning Communities? What are the requirements to apply to those housing options?

We have more than 20 Living Learning Communities. Many of them are open to first-year students. You do need to apply to live in an LLC.

If you cannot request a specific residence hall, then how does housing work for freshmen?

The Housing Application focuses on getting to know you better in order to best pair you with a roommate. Students can request a specific roommate or indicate if they would like to participate in a Living-Learning Community. The application does not allow for students to select a specific residence hall.

What is there to do in the areas surrounding Elon?

Elon is adjacent to Burlington, a city of about 50,000 with shopping centers, restaurants, parks, historic sites and more. Greensboro is located 20 minutes west of the university. This city’s eco-friendly innovations and outdoor amenities are often covered by state and national media. Winston-Salem, Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh, all centers for entertainment, sports, the arts, museums and many other attractions, are within an hour’s drive. A three-hour drive takes you to the beach and a 2.5 hour drive takes you to the mountains—both are perfect for weekend adventures.

What does a typical day look like at Elon University?

Elon’s historic 656-acre campus is home to more than 6,200 undergraduate students from across the world. Our students spend their days attending classes, participating in tutoring and study sessions, club meetings and events, cheering on the Phoenix at our many athletic programs and participating in social gatherings with peers.

School of Communications

Can you apply to be a Communications Fellow sophomore year?

No, unfortunately. You can only become a Communications Fellow in your first year.

When should a film major participate in Elon in LA?

Elon in LA is a popular program for many of our communications majors, including those interested in film. Many students choose to study in LA during their junior year.

Do students in the School of Communications get internships in the fields they’re interested in?

The School of Communications’ internship office helps students with networking, finding prospects, working on resumes and portfolios. It’s still the student’s responsibility to apply for the internship and have the skills and portfolio necessary to get the position.

Which major in the School of Communications is for students interested in broadcast journalism?

Both journalism and cinema and television arts work very heavily with broadcasting.

Is it a requirement for communications students to build a portfolio of their work during their time at Elon?

Yes. All students in the School of Communications build a portfolio. They begin that process in a course they take early on and continue to update it throughout their time.

Is there a major that is more focused on the reporting than the writing?

Reporting and writing go hand in hand, although students also learn to tell stories using different platforms. Every School of Communications students takes at least two communications writing courses.

What is the main difference between the communication design major and strategic communications?

Strategic communications is all about the strategy behind the use of communication to help an organization reach its objectives. Communication design focuses on art and visual communications.

How do I get involved with a news and broadcasting program if I’m more of an actor than a journalist?

Elon News Network is open to all majors across campus. We’d recommend dropping by the newsroom at some point to learn how you could get involved.

What is Elon Sports Vision?

Elon Sports Vision partners with Elon Athletics to broadcast and live stream university sports events at an ESPN-quality level. Students gain immersive and hands-on experience with Elon’s NCAA Division I Athletic Department in live broadcasting, content creation, sports business and marketing, in-venue productions, and studio shows. Elon Sports Vision also includes student-produced “Elon Phoenix Weekly,” which airs regionally on Spectrum channels, and “One on One Sports,” a talk show airing locally to the Elon campus.

Can students major in both marketing in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business and media analytics in the School of Communications?

Yes. Double majors are common. Several students have majored in both marketing and media analytics.

Service Learning

What steps should I take to get involved once I get on campus?

When you’re on campus, we encourage you to visit the Kernodle Center for Civic Life in Moseley 230 to discuss all your service options.

How do you encourage people to vote on campus?

Elon Votes! is a student-run initiative that helps students register to vote.

Are there any service Living Learning Communities?

Elon has more than 20 Living Learning Communities that incoming students may participate in. Two of them are directly overseen by the Kernodle Center for Civic Life.

How many volunteer hours am I required to complete a year?

We do not have a set number of volunteer hours students are required to complete. We encourage you to focus on the causes and work you’re passionate about, instead of a specific number of hours.

Are all service-learning opportunities local?

No. While many students choose to volunteer and work on service projects within the community, we do have several other options. Many students choose to fulfill a service-learning requirement while at home over the summer. We will work with you to partner with organizations local to your own community.

We also offer Alternative Breaks, immersive service experiences that students can participate in over fall and spring breaks.

Are there outdoor options for service?

Absolutely! We have a very strong relationship with the Alamance Country Parks and Recreation Department. They offer several outdoor programs, such as trail maintenance, community cleanups, and coaching opportunities. Closer to campus we have Loy Farm, which is where many students volunteer their time to help harvest crops for local food banks.

Student Professional Development Center

What are internships like for students who are majoring in international and global studies?

There are ample opportunities for students to intern, usually it’s over the summer with programs that partner with Elon, like the Washington Center for example. Students can also explore options on their own as well. SPDC can help facilitate that search.

Do you have a strong network of companies outside of North Carolina, for example in the Baltimore/Washington areas? Are there any federal government internships?

We hosted the FBI and CIA on-campus this academic year and both have great internship programs. We have a strong network of companies in all of Elon’s major markets, including Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., and many more cities outside of North Carolina.

What types of public health internships are available in the Elon area?

There are a plethora of opportunities available for public health studies majors. Faculty members in this department have great local relationships with Cone Health and the Open Door Clinic in Burlington. Students also complete a practicum for this major either abroad or in the United States.

Are there internships with Goldman Sachs for sophomores and juniors?

Every year we have a number of Elon students intern with Goldman Sachs and many receive full-time offers.

Are there opportunities for legal internships and is help available to prepare applications?

We have pre-law students who intern with law firms, judges, district attorneys, public defenders, legal aid societies and in corporate law as well. Some of these students acquire internships through postings on the Elon Job Network, while others find them on their own, either through friend or family connections or by direct outreach on their own.

The SPDC provides assistance for any student who is interested in graduate school, whether students are in their first year and doing long-range planning or a senior who is in the application process.

Are their jobs on campus that are in a student’s area of study?

More than 1,800 students work through Elon’s student employment program in either our federal work-study, institutional work-study or PACE programs. Students work in almost every department at Elon. All enrolled, undergraduate degree-seeking students are eligible to apply for jobs on campus. There are definitely opportunities to work in areas of study.

Do you have opportunities in environmental science?

Yes. Many of our environmental science students complete internships during their time at Elon. Some do those locally and others do them in their hometown or other areas.

Where do sport management students get internships?

Sport management majors intern all across the country at various venues and with various sports teams. Past companies include the Washington Nationals, IMG, ESPN and Madison Square Garden.

Does Elon help business students find internships for the summer after freshman year?

Yes. We work with students from all years to assist with internships. First-year students are able to find internships and we have a list of where students have interned in the past to help their search. We have relationships with tons of companies in New York as it is our No. 1 market for Elon graduates. Also, there is a very active Facebook group for Elon grads who move to NYC. Our alumni always help each other out, which is great.

Does Elon have industry executives that serve as resident educators or advisors?

Yes. We do have an Executive in Residence Program. In addition, we bring industry executives to visit our classrooms at Elon during the year. This is done in all of our schools.

Do you send a lot of graduates to Atlanta for jobs?

We do have several Elon Alumni in the Atlanta area, and it is a growing market for our graduates. In fact, two members of our Communications National Advisory Board are from Atlanta and our fellows travel to Atlanta to explore communications and sport management careers there.