You may use the Elon Job Network (EJN) to schedule an appointment with the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Director of Internships or a CAS Career Advisor in the Student Professional Development Center (SPDC) to identify internship opportunities and utilize other resources available to help you find and land meaningful internships aligned to your professional goals!

  • Secure an internship that fits with your major.
  • Identify a faculty mentor who will serve as your faculty supervisor for your academic internship.
    If you need assistance with this, please schedule an appointment with the CAS Director of Internships.

Meet with your faculty mentor to:

  • Determine the number of credits you will earn.
    (summer tuition is based on credits earned)

40 hours   = 1 credit
80 hours   = 2 credits
120 hours = 3 credits
160 hours = 4 credits

  • Review the internship job description and/or job posting to determine whether it’s a good fit with your major.
  • Outline your internship duties using action words to describe what you will be doing throughout your internship as these will lead to measurable learning outcomes. Examples: demonstrate, describe, design, discuss, learn, operate, perform, summarize, analyze, prepare…

e.g. Generate list of donor information in Excel, use Java and RPG language, collaborate with the director to create a survey that will inform the director of how they may restructure the organization’s public resources, learn how to write grants, and observe how the director secures and supervises volunteers for the organization. Bad example: Run errands, make copies, and prep coffee machine.

  • Define three (3) Learning Outcome goals the internship offers. Be specific and use vocabulary in your field of study (your goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound – SMART).

What would you like to be more informed about at the end of the experience?
How will you seek to integrate this learning opportunity into your academic career?
What specialized knowledge do you hope to obtain?
What do you wish to learn about the professional work place? What insights into potential careers do you want to gain?
What contacts do you wish to establish for future advancement? In what ways do you want to experience personal growth and what activities are likely to contribute to this growth?

  • Obtain the internship course number from your faculty mentor.  Your faculty mentor will also provide you with a syllabus as a requirement for receiving academic credit for the internship.
  • Upload your mentor’s internship syllabus to your Elon Job Network (EJN) account.
  • Register your internship here. Your registration will trigger the approval process of your academic internship by the Department Chair of your academic major.
  • If you receive an email from the Department Chair explaining your academic internship was rejected, you may correct the information and re-submit.
  • In 3-8 days review your OnTrack schedule to verify your internship has successfully been registered for academic credit.