Walking the Labyrinth

A permanent outdoor labyrinth is located beside Holt Chapel on South Campus. The Truitt Center also has a canvas indoor labyrinth that is used for special events.

Please remove your shoes before walking the indoor labyrinth.

A labyrinth is a spiritual tool, often called a path of prayer, which is used for walking meditation or prayer. People of all spiritual backgrounds have used the labyrinth for thousands of years. This self-alignment tool clears the mind, gives insight, and brings peace.

There is no right way to use the labyrinth. We invite you to walk the labyrinth in whatever way is helpful for you. We offer two basic options. The first is a religious prayer. The second is a walking meditation that does not need to be religious. You may also dedicate your prayer or meditation to social justice, in memory of a lost loved one, or to any current issue or situation where you seek wisdom, healing, or renewed purpose.

Multiple persons can walk the labyrinth together. When your paths cross, you can quietly step aside and let them pass.

Walking Prayer

Prayer: Start by saying, “quiet the mind, open the heart.” As you come to the entrance of the path, set a prayer or intention for the spiritual walk you are about to take. Release what you brought with you and “let go” on your walk toward the center, becoming present in your body and quieting the thoughts and worries in your mind. When you reach the center, “let in” God’s guidance and contemplate your intention. When ready, on your walk out, “let out” and feel empowered to come back out to your life spiritually filled. Adapted from Sacredwalk.

Walking Meditation

Pause to set a prayer or intention at the entrance of the path. Quiet your mind. While walking, take your time, and feel your feet root into the ground, focusing on the sensation of each toe pressing on the floor. Find movement, rhythm, stillness, and peace as you journey slowly to the center. The labyrinth is designed for you to find your way. Let it be your spiritual guide to the center. Let it guide you to your truth.

Social Justice

Walking the labyrinth can recenter your activism and your commitment to social justice. We offer specific instructions for dedicating your walk to Black Lives Matter.