Executive Education Program

Core Modules

The Executive Sales Program consists of in depth analysis of your business, five core sales modules, role plays and reinforcement training.

Business Analysis

Utilizing surveys, interviews and analysis, sales consultants gain deeper understanding of business process and challenges. Our approach creates a unique sales training experience. 

During the analysis, the following information will be collected:
• Customer acquisition cycle
• Profile of current clients and characteristics of the ideal prospect
• Current challenges executives face within a sales context
• Executives' view of business development and sales

Core Modules

Program participants who successfully complete the following five sales modules will earn a Certificate in Professional Sales Leadership.

Module I – Developing a Sales Focused Culture

• Learn the foundations of going from a sales person to a sales leader
• Discuss the fundamentals in sales – 5 P’s of Sales
• Understand the importance of business development

Module II - Becoming a Sales Leader – Focus on the Client

• Research customers
• Develop sales objectives
• Develop questions to uncover needs

Module III - Delivering Value

• Connect solution to problem
• Develop value proposition
• Develop bridge statements

Module IV - Overcoming Objections

• Understand client resistance
• Prepare for client objections
• Use objections handling as an opportunity

Module V – Moving the Sale Forward

• Understand closing cues
• Ask for the business
• Get buying commitment

Sales Meeting Assessment

Utilizing Elon’s state of the art Sales Lab, our sales consultants will coordinate role-plays with your sale professionals. Role-playing provides an excellent opportunity for sales professionals to learn and practice selling skills.

Assessment includes:
• Recording of each role play in Chandler Family Professional Sales Center
• Critique and assessment of role play by an Elon sales consultant
• Self-assessment
• Feedback and recording provided to each sales professional

Reinforcement Training

After training we want to ensure executives have developed and applied the skills learned in the sales program. Elon sales consultants will coordinate one-on-one follow up sessions with each participant of the sales program.

Customized programs are available for your sales organization’s unique needs and challenges. For more information, please contact Bethany Delk at bdelk@elon.edu or (336) 278-6093.