Executive Education Program


EXC-100 - This module provides an introduction to Excel spreadsheets, formulas and the use of symbols, workbooks, and formatting.  This module also covers page setup and printing and will outline the rest of the course as well as cover formula and function basics, and how to use relative, absolute, and mixed cell references in formulas. This module also covers inserting functions and totaling values, lookup functions, calculating payments and creating and maintaining range names.

EXC-201 - This module provides an overview of charting and chart design, plus data source and structure and trendlines. Students will also learn how to apply chart layouts, move charts, customize sparklines, and format axes and gridlines.

EXC-202 -This session will cover datasets and tables and provide instruction on table design and style, sorting and filtering data, and how to apply conditional formatting.

EXC-203 - This session will provide instruction on subtotals, PivotTables and Pivotcharts and students will be able to group and ungroup data and subtotal data. There will also be instruction on how to modify a PivotTable and sort, filter, and slice a PivotTable.

EXC-204 - During this module, students will conduct what-if analyses and be able to create a one- and two-variable data table and identify an input value with goal seek. This session also covers generating scenario summary reports and loading the solver add-in and how to optimize results with solver.

EXC-205 - At the end of this session, students will be able to use conditional math and statistical functions, calculate relative standing with statistical functions, create a nested logical function, use match and index lookup functions, use advanced filtering, manipulate data with database functions, and create loan amortization tables, among other financial calculations.

EXC-206 - This session will cover working with multiple and grouped worksheets, inserting a 3-D formula, linking workbooks, auditing formulas and setting up a watch window validating data.

EXC-207 - This module will cover importing data from external sources, how to create a web query and manage connections, plus converting text to columns, manipulating text with functions, and understanding XML syntax and how to import XML data into Excel.

EXC-208 - Students will learn how to customize and change properties in Excel during this module, as well as share and merge workbooks. This session also covers protecting a workbook and how to save and send to others in different formats.

EXC-209 - This session will cover templates, themes, backgrounds, cell styles, and macros. Students will learn to create a macro, a macro button and set macro security in this session.