Executive Education Program

Jumpstart: Beyond the Basics

Jumpstart is a series of short, concise workshops that focus on tangible skills needed in today’s workplace.  These one day modules focus on the core skills of each topic. Our goal is to teach skills that students will be able to learn and use immediately. This course is appropriate for students wishing to add valuable skills to their resume.

Why this course is beneficial:
• Learn skills that are high demand in every type of organization, profit and non-profit
• Learn skills that will complement the skills learned while earning your degree

Workshops will be held Tuesday through Friday, May 28-31 from 8:30 to 4:30 p.m.  Meals included.


Monday, May 27: No class this day (Memorial Day)
Tuesday, May 28: Proejct Management
Wednesday, May 29: Sales Training
Thursday, May 30: Excel I OR Finance (both will be offered this day but participants can only choose one)
Friday, May 31: Excel II

Course descriptions


Mastering selling skills enables sales professionals to more effectively practice consultative based selling and separate from the competition. This course will enable students to become strategic partners with customers, and develop into a trusted advisor to the customer as well as provide value to new prospects. At the end of this course students will be able to shorten sales cycles through efficient needs identification.

This course is appropriate for:
• Students looking for an introduction to successful sales techniques.
• Individuals interested in pursuing a career in Sales.


Microsoft Office Excel is computer application with impressive analytical capability. More and more businesses, especially those dealing with statistical and financial information, are finding its powers critical to their success. This course exposes students to some of the advanced capabilities of Excel, including statistical analysis, financial analysis and modeling, PivotTables, scenario tools, a variety of add-ins, the creation of macros, and advanced charts and graphs.

The Excel I course is appropriate for:
• Individuals who utilize Office Software and wish to learn the foundation of more advanced capabilities of Excel.
• Individuals interested in certification in Microsoft Excel Office 2010.

The Excel II course is appropriate for:
• Individuals who utilize Office Software and wish to build upon a foundation and learn advanced capabilities of Excel.
• Individuals interested in certification in Microsoft Excel Office 2010.


This course teaches how to read and understand balance sheets, P & L reports, and internal financial reports as well as how to assess your organization’s financial health by analyzing financial statement information. Students should be able to evaluate how nonprofit organizations allocate financial resources among program and administrative and support services and recognize how each department fits into the organization’s financial picture at the end of this course. The effectiveness as a leader in organizations depends not only on the technical skills of each profession including people skills, but also on the analytical skills and financial acumen and this course will help sharpen those skills.

This course is appropriate for:
• Students interested in management positions, who lack business/financial training
• Students interested in nonprofit work but find themselves needing additional skills in decision-making such as financial statement information and interpretation
• Undergraduates in non-business disciplines who find that their newly acquired jobs require some financial statement literacy and/or analysis

Project Management

This program will provide a broad overview of the project management discipline. Benefits include learning to better schedule and use resources, improved estimating and cost control, higher levels of quality, early identification and handling of risks, and more effective assessment approaches.

This course is appropriate for:
• Individuals interested in a career as a project manager.
• Students interested in gaining valuable workplace skills in managing projects
• Individuals interested in preparation for project management certification


Price by module:
5 modules - $995 (or $199 each)
4 days - $820 (or $205 each)
3 days - $660 ($220 each)
2 days - $470 (or $235 each)
1 day - $250


To register, click here or contact Bethany Delk at bdelk@elon.edu or 278-6093.