Elon University 2007-2008 Academic Catalog

Graphic of the 2007 Catalog Cover


Title Pages, Table of Contents, Communications with Elon University, Academic Calendar, Facts about Elon (pages i-8)

Admissions (pages 9-14)

Finances and Financial Aid (pages 15-30)

Academic Programs, Degrees and Degree Requirements (pages 31-42)

General Academic Regulations (pages 43-48)


Accounting and Finance, African/African-American Studies, Anthropology, Art, Art History (pages 49-64)

Asian Studies, Biology (pages 64-73)

Business Administration, Chemistry (pages 73-87)

Classical Studies, Computing Sciences, Cooperative Education, Criminal Justice (pages 87-98)

Dance, Economics (pages 99-111)

Education, Engineering (pages 111-137)

English, Environmental Studies (pages 137-153)

Exercise Science, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages (pages 154-169)

General Studies, Geographic Information Systems, Geography, German Studies (pages 169-175)

History, Honors Fellows, Human Services, Independent Major, International Studies (pages 175-192)

Italian Studies, Journalism and Communications, Latin American Studies, Leadership Studies (pages 193-205)

Leisure and Sport Management, Mathematics, Medical Technology, Military Science, Multimedia Authoring (pages 205-218)

Music, Music Theatre, Non-Violence Studies, Philosophy, Physical Education and Health, (pages 218-239)

Physics, Political Science, Professional Writing Studies, Psychology, Public Administration (pages 239-256)

Religious Studies, Science, Science Education, Sociology and Anthropology (pages 256-267)

Theatre Arts, Women's/Gender Studies (pages 267-274)

Directory and Appendices

Officers of the Corporation, Faculty, Visiting Faculty, Administrative Officers and Staff (pages 275-312)

Title II Report on Teacher Education and Index (pages 313-316)

Index (pages 317-321)