Competency Program Learning Goal Learning Objectives Students will be able to: Objectives Covered Most Significantly in:
Business Communication Skills Students will deliver effective written and oral business communications. 1. Prepare a written business report that is clear, logical, concise, grammatically correct, and clear to the target audience.

2. Present an oral argument that is logical, compelling, and clear to the target audience.

1. BUS 201*, BUS 202**, MGT 323, BUS 465

2. BUS 201*, BUS 202**, MGT 323, BUS 465, ECO 203

Corporate Social Responsibility Awareness Students will demonstrate the ability to recognize the underlying ethical, legal and sustainability implications inherent in business situations and apply that knowledge to make responsible decisions. 1. Recognize the ethical dilemmas in a business situation and recommend courses of actions to address the issues.

2. Identify legal issues in a business situation and evaluate the interrelationship between regulatory requirements and strategic decision making.

3. Recognize the environmental and social impacts of business decisions and recommend appropriate sustainable practices.

1. BUS 221, BUS 201*, MGT 323

2. BUS 221

3. BUS 221, MGT 323, ECO 111

Diversity Awareness Students will exhibit an understanding of the value of various forms of diversity in the business environment. 1. Recognize how demographic and personality differences affect the business environment.

2. Identify ways to incorporate diversity as a value-added component for business success.

1. MGT 323, BUS 221, MKT 311

2. MGT 323

Global Orientation Students will understand the complexities of the cultural, economic, regulatory, and social environments as they impact business in a global economy. 1. Identify the challenges of operating in a global environment

2. Exhibit knowledge of the major cultural, economic, social, and legal environment faced by multinational organizations

3. Demonstrate appropriate responses to cultural differences in a global economy

1. MGT 323, BUS 465

2. BUS 221, BUS 465, MKT 311, ECO 111

3. MKT 311

Decision-Making Skills Students will have the skills and abilities to make sound business decisions. 1. Employ technology to efficiently address business problems.

2. Utilize appropriate quantitative techniques to analyze business issues.

3. Demonstrate reflective, strategic, and analytical skills in making business decisions.

1. BUS 211, FIN 423, ECO 203

2. BUS 211, BUS 201*, BUS 465, FIN 343, ACC 201, ECO 203

3. MGT 323, BUS 201*, BUS 465, FIN 343, ACC 201, ECO 203

Functional Business Knowledge Students will have an understanding of functional business knowledge. 1. Demonstrate working knowledge of the core concepts with each of the foundational business disciplines; accounting, business law, economics, finance, marketing, management and operations. 1. ETS Exam

*BUS 201 is exclusive to the BSBA curriculum
**BUS 202 is exclusive to the BS curriculum