A successful semester and summer abroad is dependent upon adequate preparation. Students will participate in a series of mandatory orientations during the semester prior to studying abroad. These orientations will address issues of academic, cultural, logistical, financial, and personal preparation, as well as health and safety. Failure to participate in the required orientations will result in dismissal from the program. Any financial losses incurred by this dismissal, including program fees and international airfare, will be fully the responsibility of the student. In contrast to program specific orientation, preparatory forum are thematic and are designed to enhance a student’s preparation for global engagement. Students can attend as many as they might find helpful. These are not mandatory. Attendance is taken only to track interest so we can decide how many sessions to offer and what sized space to hold these in the future.

Study Abroad Orientation Fall & Summer

Times, dates, and locations subject to change. Updated Feb. 18, 2022, 10:30 a.m.

Part 1: Attend your general study abroad orientation(s)

Part 2: Attend your program-specific orientation

Select one of the following programs to learn when your required orientation(s) are scheduled:

Elon Centers Abroad

All Other Programs

Elon Center Programs

Program Day, Date, Time and Location
Florence Center Abroad Logistics
Thursday, March 3, 2022
4:30 PM
McMichael 115 or Zoom (link forthcoming)

Visa Process
Tuesday, April 5, 2022
4:30 PM
Zoom (link forthcoming)

Student Panel

Health & Safety
Pre-recorded, released mid-summer

London Center Abroad Logistics
Tuesday, March 1, 2022
4:30 PM
Lindner 102 or Zoom (link forthcoming)


Student Panel

Health & Safety
Pre-recorded, released mid-summer

Dunedin: Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education Center Abroad
Shanghai: Love School of Business Center Abroad N/A

All Other Programs

Program Day, Date, Time and Location
ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires: Liberal Arts (CIEE)

(Latin America Orientation)

ARGENTINA, Córdoba: Integrated Studies (CC-CS)

ARGENTINA, Córdoba: Spanish Studies (CC-CS)

CHILE, Santiago: Liberal Arts (CIEE) TBD
CHINA, Beijing: The Beijing Center (TBC) TBD
CHINA, Shanghai: Chinese Studies & Internship in Shanghai (CET) – FALL Monday, April 26, 2021

4:00 PM, Zoom

CHINA, Shanghai: Chinese Studies & Internship in Shanghai (CET) – SUMMER Cancelled
COSTA RICA, San José: Spanish, Social Justice, & Sustainable Development in Latin America (ICDS) TBD
CZECH REPUBLIC, Prague (CET) – Film Production TBD
DENMARK, Copenhagen: Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS), Summer & Fall TBD
EGYPT, Cairo: American University of Cairo (AUC) TBD
FRANCE, Montpellier: UNC in Montpellier TBD
FRANCE, Paris: NC Consortium Paris TBD
GERMANY, Berlin: Open Campus (CIEE) TBD
GLOBAL EXPERIENCES: All Summer Internships TBD
FRANCE, Metz / Reims: Georgia Tech Lorraine (Engineering) / NEOMA TBD
IRELAND, Dublin: Dublin Business School (FIE)

IRELAND, Dublin: Trinity College Dublin (FIE)

IRELAND, Dublin: University College Dublin (FIE)

ITALY, Sorrento: Sant’Anna Institute, all programs (fall & summer) TBD
ITALY, Florence: AEF, Summer TBD
JORDAN, Amman (CIEE), Summer & Fall TBD
JAPAN, Osaka: Kansai Gaidai University Individual meeting set by program manager
SCHOOL FOR FIELD STUDIES (SFS) – All Programs, Summer & Fall

    Individual meeting set by program manager
    SEMESTER AT SEA, Multiple Countries TBD
    SINGAPORE, Singapore: Nanyang Technological University TBD
    SIT – All Programs Individual meeting set by program manager
    SOUTH AFRICA, Cape Town programs (CIEE) TBD
    SOUTH KOREA, Seoul: Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) Individual meeting set by program manager
    SPAIN, Bilbao

    SPAIN, Madrid

    SPAIN, Barcelona: Business & Culture (CIEE)

    SPAIN, Barcelona: Language & Culture (CIEE)

    SPAIN, Barcelona: Liberal Arts (CIEE)

    SPAIN, Seville: Advanced Liberal Arts (CIEE)

    SPAIN, Seville: Business & Society (CIEE)

    SPAIN, Seville: Communication, New Media & Journalism (CIEE)

    SPAIN, Seville: International Business & Culture (CIEE)

    SPAIN, Seville: Liberal Arts (CIEE)

    SWEDEN, Stockholm: Study Abroad in Scandinavia (DIS) TBD
    UNITED KINGDOM, Bath: Advanced Studies in England (ASE) Individual meeting set by program manager
    UNITED KINGDOM, Brighton: University of Sussex – SUMMER TBD
    UNITED KINGDOM, Brighton: University of Sussex –  FALL TBD
    UNITED KINGDOM, Glasgow: University of Glasgow (Arcadia) TBD
    UNITED KINGDOM, London: Internship (FIE), Summer TBD
    UNITED KINGDOM, London: Theatre Academy London (TAL) Individual meeting set by program manager
    UNITED KINGDOM, St. Andrews: University of St. Andrews TBD

    Part 3: Attend one preparatory forum

    Title Date & Location Description
    Citizen Diplomacy TBA Citizen diplomacy is an idea where students, scholars, artists, and professionals can engage with others while abroad to promote mutual understanding and help advance U.S. foreign relations one conversation at a time. Learn some new skills to help you be an effective cultural ambassador during your time overseas.
    Planning for Post-Grad: International Scholarships and Fellowships TBA Learn strategies for maximizing your time abroad to prepare competitive applications for international fellowships. This session will be directed towards students interested in applying for Fulbright U.S. Student Grants to conduct research, complete graduate coursework, or teach English abroad. Learn more about the Fulbright application process.
    Travel Like an Anthropologist – Travel Like You Mean It TBA In this presentation, Anthropology faculty share their insights on traveling abroad from the perspective of their discipline. They bring to the forefront how an anthropological perspective can enrich study abroad by focusing on understanding the culture concept, introducing some key elements of participant-observation that are useful in the cross-cultural context, considering ethical issues that frequently arise, and offering some insider tips on achieving successful on cross-cultural encounters.
    World’s Declassified Study Abroad Survival Guide TBA This workshop is a student-led initiative geared towards students of color, students who identify as LGBTQIA+, and first-generation college students.
    Women Abroad: Strategies for Health and Safety TBA Join us for an informative session facilitated by the Gender & LGBTQIA Center on health and wellness issues unique to female-identified students abroad.
    Dollars and Sense for Study Abroad TBA Learn some tips for how to budget your money while abroad from a panel of study abroad students who have returned from study abroad plus a GEC staff person.

    How should you spend your money while abroad? How do you keep your money safe while abroad? Get your questions answered and learn some useful strategies for budgeting and prioritizing costs while abroad.

    Strategies for Success: Returned Student Panel TBA Engage returned students about their experiences and receive tips for making your program the best it can be.
    Sustainable Travel TBA Reduce your carbon footprint when you learn about what you can do before, during, and after your trip to contribute to sustainability wherever you go. You will have the opportunity to calculate carbon emissions for your trip and actions you can take to lower your carbon impact in other ways.
    Think Forward: Applying Study Abroad to Your Professional Development TBA Make sure your time abroad is full of “I’m so glad I did’s” instead of “I wish I had known’s”.  Join the SPDC to learn how you can use your time abroad to develop global, professional skills that will help you land that killer internship, job, or spot in a graduate program.
    Where in the World is Religion? Strategies for Encountering Religious Diversity from Australia to Zimbabwe TBA You’re walking down a city street on your study abroad course and you pass a temple; the sounds and smells coming out are intriguing, but you can’t decide whether to go in because you don’t know how to conduct yourself. A Muslim woman in a headscarf strikes up a conversation with you and invites you home to tea, but you hesitate to accept because you don’t know much about her religion and don’t want to offend anybody. Our inhibitions about other peoples’ religious practices or our commitments to our own constrain us from fully embracing the model of global citizenship. In this session, there will be an informal presentation followed by a chance to answer questions relevant to your specific program and location.