Virtual Conversations for Leadership Educators (Recordings)

LeaderShape hosted and shared a series of free virtual crowd-sourced conversations that allowed leadership educators to join in community to strategize and “reimagine” your student leadership initiatives.

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Equitable Leadership in Virtual Spaces
Special Guest Moderator: Dr. Domonic Rollins – The Dalton School
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Engaging Virtual Conversations on Race & Racism
Special Guest Moderator:  Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington – Washington Consulting Group & LeaderShape Board Member
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Proving your worth:  Evaluation and Assessment in Leadership Education
Special Guest Moderator:  Dr. Vivechkanand S. Chunoo – University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign & LeaderShape Research Fellow
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Centering Liberation Pedagogy in Socially Just Leadership Education 
Special Guest Moderator:  Dr. Cameron Beatty – Florida State University
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Facilitation Tools & Resources:

Breaking and Broadening the Binary: Expanding Gender Identity, Expression and Queerness in Our Work as Leadership Educators Special Guest moderator: Dr. Raja Gopal Bhattar – Higher Education author, educator, consultant

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Identity-Conscious Supervision for Leadership Educators Special Guest moderator: Dr. Craig Elliott – Samuel Merritt University

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Academic Journals and Monographs 

 Additional Leadership Educator Resources