General Information

If you are a member of a fraternity or sorority and you are interested in residing in your chapter facility in the Loy Center for the next academic year, please contact your current chapter house manager or president for information. Each chapter has the responsibility to select those members who will reside in the chapter facility, therefore your chapter house manager or president are your best resources to guide you through the process. All fraternity & sorority housing is overseen by Kristina Poplin, Assistant Director of Housing Operations and the Loy Neighborhood; or 336-278-7300.

Fraternity & Sorority Process

Individual students wishing to live in fraternity or sorority housing must pay the housing reservation fee and sign the housing agreement.

Residence Life will host an info session to answer any questions about the process.

The fraternity & sorority housing process will be completed prior to the renewal phase of the residence life housing process. If you have questions please contact your chapter house manager, chapter president or Residence Life (336-278-7300).