Students with special circumstances or medical needs may request special housing accommodations. Students must submit a request for accommodation form as well as medical documentation to student Disabilities Resources.

The requests must be submitted to student disability resources prior to the deadline:

  • Returning Students: 2023 Dates TBD
  • Incoming Students: 2023 Dates TBD

Housing requests will be accommodated based on the level of need and space availability. Requests turned in after this date will be subject to space availability. If you would like more information on student disability services, please visit the link here.

Disabilities Resources Forms

All requests will be reviewed by the appropriate university officials (student health center staff, counseling center staff, student disability services, etc.) and a recommendation will be given to Residence Life.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Diagnosis of a medical condition does not, in and of itself, automatically qualify you for a special housing assignment.
  • Requests will be accommodated based on the level of need and space availability.
  • Recommendations or statements made by your physician should not be interpreted as automatic approval for specific housing. The university has many different types of housing that match your needs.
  • A medical need will take priority over requests for specific residence halls or roommates.
  • Requests turned in after the posted deadline will be subject to space availability.
  • Housing accommodations are provided for the individual student, not the student and their group. You must decide what the most important factor in your housing needs for next year is.

If you have questions, please contact Residence Life at or 336-278-7300.