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At the Left Hand of God:
The Religious Left in the South

This documentary will explore a group of activist Baptist, and United Church of Christ churches in the South that are pitching an unapologetic liberal theology.

Degrees of Change

Most American colleges say they produce engaged citizens, but many students seem uninterested in today’s pivotal issues and in acting to create change in their communities. This film explores the role that universities play in encouraging activism, and questions the possible causes of student apathy at a time with such possibility for change.
Follow one group of students making dramatic demands for environmental policy change on their North Carolina campus. As the pressure mounts, they face doubtful administrators and indifferent students, and the group’s passionate leader struggles to convince her peers of the power they have in an age when student activism is often invisible.
Dying To Get In:
Undocumented Immigration at the U.S./Mexico Border

This film offers a first hand look at the harsh reality of today's border crossing.
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This 12-minute film looks at the various ways that people remember an eccentric teacher who started an innovative program for gifted students in a Kentucky school.

Fear in Florida

This 30-minute documentary film explores thehate crime and the controversy surrounding Lawrence Lombardi,a man convicted and sentenced to life in prison for detonating two pipe bombs at Florida A&M University.

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Fully Awake:
Black Mountain College

This film focuses on the enormous impact the small, experimental college had on literary, artistic, and architectural movements of the time, impacts that continue today.

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Green Hair Grey Hair

What do punk rockers and senior citizens have in common? As Washington D.C. rapidly gentrifies, a low income African American community is threatened. This documentary takes a look at the struggles of living in a city in the midst of change, and the unique relationships that can develop. Mark Anderson, a writer , activist and punk rocker, created 'We are Family' to provide an outreach network to a group of senior citizen. Through an existing group he worked with- punk rockers, he used similar diy and punk rock ethics, to bring the two together. Through grocery deliveries, advocacy about the neighborhood, and visiting, we are family provides a unique model for changing the way we look at old age. Very punk rock.
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The Idol and the Band

The film is about Chris Daughtry, a finalist on American Idol, and what happens when one member of a band makes it big.

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In the Midst of a Movement:
Southern journalists who covered civil rights

This half hour high definition video documentary examines the risks and violent backlash experienced by southern journalists who covered civil rights.
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On Our Own:
Prepared for life through the help of others


After a decade away, Marion Aitcheson returns to the children’s home in Eisenach, Germany where she spent her adolescent years.  This documentary explores her bittersweet homecoming, reunites her with old friends and teachers, and brings her face to face with memories of the disintegration of her own family. Marion’s account of her experience emphasizes the strength of the government-run children’s homes in Germany, due in no small part to the commitment of the caretakers and teachers who provide structure, love and encouragement to the children under their care.

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