Academic advising is a form of engaged learning by which students learn about their roles in the Elon University community, critically reflect upon their roles and responsibilities as a student, and prepare to become global citizens. At Elon, academic advising is a process that focuses on three fundamental areas: accurate academic information; relationships across the Elon University community; and time in the form of when benchmarks, including graduation, should be accomplished.

As such, academic advising is a collaborative relationship between students and advisors. Though students are ultimately responsible for earning their degrees, they often need mentorship, encouragement, and guidance. The following are crucial responsibilities for advisors:

  • Understand the flow of the academic year from an advising standpoint via the Academic Advising Timeline;
  • Read and understand the academic standards contained in official Elon University publications and on its official website;
  • Consult with their departmental colleagues and with the Office of Academic Advising when policies and procedures are unclear;
  • Communicate with advisees during registration periods for course scheduling and any program modification;
  • Provide reasonable availability to advisees during the fall, winter, and spring terms, as well as ample availability during the “busy season” of registration advising;
  • Inform advisees of expectations you have for scheduled meetings;
  • Review degree audits and course schedules as much as possible prior to advising meetings, especially for registration advising;
  • Follow-up with advisees upon receiving e-warnings, particularly in major department requirements.