West Coast Student Ambassadors are current students from the West Coast, and they are available to support you on your journey to Elon. If you have questions, they are eager to help.

Rosalyn Allen '22

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Keaau, Hawaii
High School: Christian Liberty Academy
Major: Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Minors: Geographic Information Systems, Geography, and Peace and Conflict Studies
Activities at Elon: Kappa Delta, Elon Yoga Club, Odyssey Scholar
Favorite Place On Campus: Nothing beats sitting on one of the swinging benches at Lake Mary Nell on a nice sunny day. I could pass hours listening to the fountain spraying and watching the new baby ducks swimming after one another.
Best Memory: During January Term, my best friends and I created an intramural bowling team. Every Tuesday and Thursday of that month, we’d play three rounds and then get Cookout afterwards. By the end of the month, we ended up all improving our bowling skills, so much so that I even got four strikes in a row! It was such a fun experience that solidified my friendships.
Favorite Thing to Do: If you come to campus with a car or know someone with one, I highly recommend going on a Hike at Eno River State Park with some friends. During the warmer months, my friends and I would bring a speaker, have lunch, and swim for a little bit. I love seeing how different the environment in North Carolina is from home.
Favorite Restaurant Near or On Campus: Tangent Eat+Bar! Hands down my favorite restaurant and a staple at Elon. I’ve ordered so frequently that the staff remembers my friends and me and question me when I’m ordering for just myself. Highly recommend the chicken and waffle taco!

I knew I wanted a college that made me feel at home, and on my tour I felt just that. I loved the beautiful landscaping and the social atmosphere on campus. When I spoke to current students, I could feel the sense of community they had towards both their peers and mentors. I was also accepted into the Odyssey Scholars program, which was able to connect me to my peers before my first year had started. Elon was everything that I wanted in a college.

Talya Geller '23

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Oak Park, California
High School: Oak Park High School
Majors: Exercise Science and Public Health
Activities at Elon: Elon Pre-Health Society, Undergraduate Research, Yoga Club, Chemistry Lab teaching assistant
Favorite Place On Campus: My favorite place on Elon’s campus is Lake Mary Nell.
Best Memory: One of my best Elon memories has to be sitting out on the quad, in a rocking chair on a nice day.
Favorite Thing to Do: Bike ride to downtown Burlington
Favorite Restaurant Near or On Campus: Mediterranean Deli

I chose to attend Elon due to all of the amazing opportunities that the university provides for their students. I also fell in love with the campus as soon as I drove through campus.

Alexis Hubbard '24

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Spokane, Washington
High School: Gonzaga Preparatory School
Major: International Business Dual Degree
Minor: French
Favorite Place On Campus: Lake Mary Nell
Best Memory: Watching the baby ducks grow up by Lake Mary Knell!
Favorite Thing to Do: Trying out all of the local restaurants in town!
Favorite Restaurant Near or On Campus: Tangent

I chose Elon for their study abroad program and International Business Dual Degree program.

Nikki Johnson '24

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Santa Monica, California
High School: Palisades Charter High School
Major: Art
Minor: Business Administration
Activities at Elon: Staff member on Membership and Dancer Recruitment committee for Elonthon, Elon Circle K member
Favorite Place On Campus: Lake Mary Nell
Best Memory: Sitting at the lake with my friends and going to late night
Favorite Thing to Do: Get Tangent tacos or go explore nearby towns and restaurants
Favorite Restaurant Near or On Campus: Tangent, San Marcos and Blend & Co

The community is so strong and encouraging at Elon, and I love the size of the student population and the campus itself.

Stephanie Lair '22

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
High School: Lincoln High School
Major: Exercise Science
Activities at Elon: I’m on the cross country/track and field team. I am also on the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee for Elon, in which our primary goals are to create community service opportunities and serve as a voice to improve the student-athlete experience.
Favorite Place On Campus: Doing work by Lake Mary Nell
Best Memory: My favorite memory was family weekend freshman year. Campus was so vibrant and it was exciting getting to introduce my parents to friends and professors.
Favorite Thing to Do: Elon’s campus and the surrounding area is so pretty, so in my free time I love being outside and going for walks or runs. I also enjoy going out to dinner with friends.
Favorite Restaurant Near or On Campus: Tangent!

I chose to attend Elon because I valued the fact that I could pursue an education and be a full-time athlete. I also appreciated how the small class sizes would give me the opportunity to form close relationships with professors and feel valued as a student.

Katie Leupold '23

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Orange County, California
High School: Foothill High School
Major: Biology
Minors: Chemistry, Psychology, Business
Activities at Elon: Undergraduate Research Association
Favorite Place On Campus: Chem suite in McMichael
Best Memory: When I entered my chemistry class on the first day of school, and my professor already knew who I was and where I was from, referring to me as “California Katie!”
Favorite Thing to Do: I enjoy riding my horse and going on community walks in Mill Point!
Favorite Restaurant Near or On Campus: Definitely Tangent!

I wanted a small school where I could develop genuine connections with my professors. Elon embodies that environment perfectly, and everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

Catherine Mackel '22

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Simi Valley, California
High School: Chaminade College Preparatory
Major: Biology Foundations for Medical Sciences (Allied Health)
Minors: Neuroscience, Psychology
Activities at Elon: Lacrosse
Favorite Place On Campus: Near any of the beautiful fountains!
Best Memory: I love the Elon Festival of Lights!
Favorite Thing to Do: Go on walks around campus on the beautiful days at Elon
Favorite Restaurant Near or On Campus: Tangent

I chose Elon because of the strong academics, the size of the school, the mentoring students get from the faculty, the study abroad options, the Elon Job Network, athletics, the amazing people, and most importantly, the beautiful campus!

Syndey Rose '24

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: San Francisco, California
High School: Redwood High School
Major: Psychology
Minor: Human Service Studies
Activities at Elon: Hillel, West Coast Ambassador (and rushing next weekend)
Favorite Place On Campus: Global Commons or the big chairs outside of the Inman Admissions Building
Best Memory: Picnics by Lake Mary Nell
Favorite Thing to Do: Going downtown and getting coffee at Oak House
Favorite Restaurant Near or On Campus: Tangent

I chose Elon because I really wanted to try something new and outside of my comfort zone and totally different from California. I loved the small class sizes, the beautiful campus, the supportive administrators but most importantly the strong feeling of community and excitement to be here that I saw from the students when I toured and continue to feel now as a student myself.

Deighan Valko '23

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California
High School: Newbury Park High School
Majors: Political Science & Sociology
Activities at Elon: Sigma Kappa sorority
Favorite Place On Campus: The area between the Alamance Building and Steers Pavilion
Best Memory: The Festival of Lights my freshman year
Favorite Thing to Do: Visit Eno State Park
Favorite Restaurant Near or On Campus: The Root

I chose Elon because I loved the smaller-sized campus, emphasis on student/teacher relationships, very accessible study abroad, and overall values of every student on campus.

Ari Yaron '22

Pronouns: he/him
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
High School: Harvard-Westlake School
Majors: Policy Studies & French
Minor: Psychology
Activities at Elon: Twisted Measure a capella, French Club
Favorite Place On Campus: Under the Oaks
Best Memory: Filming a fun music video for one of my songs with Limelight and CinElon!
Favorite Thing to Do: Go running around residential and scenic areas surrounding campus. It’s a beautiful way to experience and explore the area around campus.
Favorite Restaurant Near or On Campus: The Oak House

I chose Elon because I wanted something new, a smaller university community on the East Coast where I could grow independently. In addition, Elon's academic programs and success speaks for itself!