West Coast Student Ambassadors are current students from the West Coast, and they are available to support you on your journey to Elon. If you have questions, they are eager to help.

Headsho of Nikki Johnson

Nikki Johnson '24

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
High School: Palisades Charter High School
Major: Strategic Communication
Minor: Business Administration
Email: ejohnson69@elon.edu
Activities: Sigma Kappa (Greek life)
Favorite Place on Campus: Lake Mary Nell
Best Elon Highlight: Living in my sorority house sophomore year with girls who became my best friends. Some of them even studied abroad with me, and Elon truly wouldn’t be the same without them.
Favorite Restaurant on Campus: Magerks! I live for the mozzarella triangles and the spicy shrimp wrap!
Favorite Thing to Do in the Area: I love going to the restaurants in downtown Elon with my friends! I go to Magerks and Tangent weekly, and it’s always so fun to catch up with my friends.

I fell in love with the campus when I toured. It immediately felt like home. I wanted a place where I could challenge myself but also feel at home and supported. I also knew I wanted a smaller school where I would know my professors and they would know me.

Headshot of Sydney Rose

Syndey Rose '24

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: San Francisco, California
High School: Redwood High School

I chose Elon because I really wanted to try something new and outside of my comfort zone and totally different from California. I loved the small class sizes, the beautiful campus, the supportive administrators but most importantly the strong feeling of community and excitement to be here that I saw from the students when I toured and continue to feel now as a student myself.

Kai Indeglia poses on a sidewalk

Kai Indeglia '26

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
High School: Vistamar
Majors: Statistics and Data Analytics
Minor: Marketing
Email: kindeglia@elon.edu
Activities: I am an official Kappa Delta sister and I am part of the outdoors club, club climbing, active minds and women in STEM.
Favorite Place on Campus: Lake Mary Nell
Best Elon Highlight: My favorite Elon memory from my freshman year was definitely big/little week. My big would decorate my room everyday and would give me nice treats like my favorite snacks and drinks. She would also give me really nice notes and made a funny instagram about me featuring all the worst/funniest photos of me. I felt very loved and excited for big/little reveal when I finally found out who my big was after a week of her spoiling me. I felt so much happiness when the curtain went down and I saw who she was and now she is one of my closest friends.
Favorite Restaurant on Campus: Magerks
Favorite Thing to Do in the Area: I like to go out to dinner or get brunch with my friends.

I chose to go to Elon because I loved the campus and it was a perfect size (not too big not too small). I also wanted to go to school in the South because it was faraway from home, the Northeast and Midwest were too cold for me and the South is gorgeous. Another reason chose to go to Elon was because of their amazing study abroad program, Elon being No. 1 in undergraduate teaching, Elon having a high quality of life and having that one-on-one professor-student relationships.

Lucy McAfee poses in a field of yellow wild flowers

Lucy McAfeev '26

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA
High School: Carondelet High School
Major: Exercise Science
Minors: Business and Biology
Email: lmcafee@elon.edu
Activities: I am a Health Professions Scholar, social chair for my sorority and I am in club tennis.
Favorite Place on Campus: The tables outside of Clohan Dining Hall and Koury Business Center.
Best Elon Highlight: My favorite memory at Elon happened my first week of freshman year. I had just moved into my new dorm and only really knew my roommate. One evening we heard people playing music, and it turns out they were playing just dance. Everyone on my floor came and we all danced, talked and laughed. From that moment on my floor got very close, and I will always cherish those relationships I built during that first week.
Favorite Restaurant in the Area: Mykonos and The Root
Favorite Thing to Do in the Area:I love to go get custard at Andy’s with my friends!

I decided to attend Elon because of the smaller student population size, and it has great resources in the exercise science department, which is beneficial to my major. In high school, I valued having good relationships with my teachers and wanted to continue that in college. Once I arrived at Elon, I realized that our student population is a perfect size. On my walks to class, I see four of my friends, yet I am still meeting new people on the daily.

Olivia Rosen posing on the beach with the ocean behind her.

Olivia Rosen '25

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
High School: The Archer School for Girls
Major: Policy Studies
Minor: Sociology
Email: orosen@elon.edu
Activities: Campus Recreation and Wellness, Hillel, Club Soccer
Favorite Place on Campus: Lake Verona
Best Elon Highlight: My most favorite Elon memory so far was probably at the end of my freshman year, and it was a warm night but just the right amount of cool air. My friends and I went to sit around the fire pit in East and listened to music and reminisced about our first year, how much we had accomplished and how sad we were to be leaving, even though we would be back together in just a few short months.
Favorite Restaurant in the Area: Taaza Bistro, Mikes Deli’s and Tangent
Favorite Thing to in the Area: Find new river spots/easy hiking trails.

One of the reasons I chose to attend Elon was because the moment I stepped onto campus I was welcomed by friendly people that genuinely seemed excited for me to be visiting their school. The people I met on my tour were excited to talk about Elon and proud to call themselves Elon students. I visited during my spring break senior year after I was accepted into Elon. Once we visited it was clear that this was the place for me –– project-based classes, a beautiful campus and smaller class sizes with professors who genuinely wanted you to come to their office hours, learn and just talk about life.

Holley Keyser poses on a chair

Holly Keyser '26

Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Sammamish, WA
High School: Eastlake High School
Major: Still deciding
Email: hkeyser@elon.edu
Activities: Elon Outdoors (ELOA), Club Rock Climbing
Favorite Place on Campus: Hanging out in a hammock outside Lake Mary Nell
Best Elon Highlight: Living in the Creative Arts LLC (Living Learning Community) during my first year, which gave me a built-in group of friends right on my hall. It was such a great experience and I met a lot of wonderful people.
Favorite Restaurant in the Area: Tangent
Favorite Thing to Do in the Area: Get crepes at Press

I wanted to go to college on the East Coast and wanted an entirely new experience from what I grew up with.