Students who currently live in Station at Mill Point or Park Place may choose to renew their leases for the next academic year.


  1. Pay the $125 housing reservation fee
  2. Submit the ‘Housing Application’ in Self Service under ‘Applications and Forms’
  3. Match with your roommates
  4. Everyone in your group must have completed steps 1-3 above by February 10.

Current Station at Mill Point and Park Place residents

Please see our Housing Selection timeline for the dates/times of this process.

This process is not time sensitive, but if you want to remain in your same apartment/room for next year, you must renew the apartment as a whole in Self Service by the assigned process time with the correct number of residents to fill the apartment. After this date, your apartment will become available for other students to sign up for if you do not renew.

Oaks, Crest, and Danieley Apartments

For the Fall 2024 housing selection process, no lease renewals will be offered in Oaks, Danieley, or Crest.