Group Size Minimums for Returning to your Apartment

In order to renew your current apartment space, at least 1 current resident must return. They then must “pull in” enough other students to fill the space.

“Pull-ins” must be currently enrolled students on campus or abroad OR have approval to participate in housing selection.

  • 1 – Apartment Spaces in Oaks, Park Place, Danieley Apartments O-P, A-F, Crest, and Station at Mill Point

Group Size Minimums for Changing Assignments

Located below are all the possible group sizes. Beside each group size is a list of all possible housing options for that particular size. If you want to live in a specific building, you must have the correct number of people in your group to be eligible.  All group members must be currently enrolled students.

For Residence Halls Only

Please be aware that if you meet the group minimum but do not fill that space completely, you will be assigned with one or more other groups. For instance, if you are in a group of four and select the Danieley flats for your housing, then you will be placed in an eight-person flat with another group of four or possibly two groups of two.

For Apartments and Colonnades/Global Pods Only

If applying for apartments or Colonnades/Global pod spaces, you must have the exact number of people to match the number of spaces in the apartment or suite. No more, no less.

  • 1 – Singles in Global, Colonnades, Smith, Carolina, Sloan, West, Virginia, or Danieley flats (students can sign up alone and be paired with another student in Danieley flats only)
  • 2 – Doubles in Smith, Carolina, West, Sloan, Virginia, Danieley flats, Hook, Brannock, Barney, East Neighborhood, Oaks (2-person apt), Colonnades (2 single rooms), Colonnades (double room), Global (2 single rooms), Global (double room)
  • 3 – Danieley flats, Hook, Brannock, Barney, Park Place
  • 4 – Danieley flats, Hook, Brannock, Barney, Oaks (4 single rooms), Oaks (2 double rooms), Danieley O-P, Danieley A-F, Crest, Colonnades (4 single rooms), The Station at Mill Point (jr/sr only)
  • 5 – Danieley flats, Hook, Brannock, Barney
  • 6 – Danieley flats, Hook, Brannock, Barney
  • 7 – Danieley flats, Hook, Brannock, Barney
  • 8 – Danieley flats, Hook, Brannock, Barney