In order to participate in housing selection you must pay a $125 housing reservation fee. This fee can be paid online or at the Bursar’s office (Alamance 113). Choose ‘fall 2021’ housing deposit if paying online (see screenshot below).

When do I pay the reservation fee?

Students can begin paying the reservation fee on December 1, 2020 for housing selection 2021. It is advisable that you pay your deposit as soon as possible, but the deadline is February 12. All students must pay the housing reservation fee, even those renewing apartment spaces.

Once the housing reservation fee payment is made it takes roughly 24 hours to process. Students will need to plan accordingly when applying for housing.

Incoming freshmen should not pay the housing deposit (housing reservation fee). This fee is for currently enrolled students participating in returning student housing selection in February and March. The $500 enrollment deposit covers your housing fee for your freshmen year. If you have questions regarding what fees you owe, please speak with your admissions counselor. Housing information will be mailed in April.

What becomes of the reservation fee?

If you are assigned a residence hall space your reservation fee will be applied to your fall tuition bill.

If you are assigned an apartment space your reservation fee will be transferred to a security deposit account and will be held until you move out of the apartment.

What if I don’t receive a housing assignment?

To receive a refund, complete the Housing Cancellation Request form in Self Service ( under ‘Applications and Forms’. This form will be able later in the spring.

Once you have completed the form, please allow 2-3 weeks for residence life and the bursar’s office to process. Your housing reservation fee will be refunded to you in the same manner that it was paid. For instance, if you paid with a credit card, the money will be refunded to your credit card account.

How to Make Your Deposit

  1. Log onto Ebill
  2. Choose ‘Deposits’ at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose ‘Fall 2021’
  4. Follow steps below: