LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility

Fall 2014 Validation Form

Are you a business student who recognizes the value of volunteering to serve society?

If so, the Dean of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business invites you to receive your deserved recognition for your great work and earn a place on the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility.

The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business has a mission to create responsible business professionals who understand how business success is linked to both financial and socially responsible performance. In order to help further develop our students’ awareness of and appreciation for the social responsibilities of business professionals, the Dean of the Love School of Business is pleased to announce the creation of the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility.

This honor roll will recognize undergraduate business students who volunteer in our community during the fall and/or spring academic semesters.

  • Each full-time undergraduate student in the LSB who completes at least 20 hours of confirmed community service in a semester will earn a place on the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility.
  • Confirmed community service is defined as volunteer service for a non-profit organization or for an organized community activity. Service may be performed through the Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement or may include service performed through class activities, university sponsored service trips, and student organizations.

Validation of Hours
Students need to record their service hours on the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility Validation Form and submit the completed form to Stacy Outlaw, director of undergraduate programs, in KoBC 107. Upon receipt of your LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility Validation Form, it will be sent to the Kernodle Center for Service Learning, and you will receive credit for your service hours on your Elon Experiences Transcript as well.

Fall 2014 validation form

Forms due for Fall 2014: No later than 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, December 2, 2014. Bring forms to Ms. Outlaw in KoBC 107.

Please note that you must complete a separate validation form for each semester that you wish to qualify for the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility.

Students earning a place on the LSB Honor Roll for Social Responsibility will be awarded a certificate in honor of their service and recognized in May to celebrate this accomplishment. Students are encouraged to add this achievement to their resumes, signaling to both the Elon community and potential employers that they live the value of responsible service to others.

For additional information, please contact Stacy Outlaw, director of undergraduate programs, at or (336) 278-5975.

Spring 2014

Manasi Bhagia
Lauren Bolusky
Karl Bostick
Timothy Brust
Elizabeth Chang
Emily Choinski
Steven Cobb
Marie Daigle
Carly Davenport                                                                                                                                                                                         Robert Davis
Keegan DeSilva
Andre Díaz
Marisa Dour
Alexandra Goeldner
Elise Grigg
Nicole Hanrahan
Patricia Hogan
Yong Kai Li
Jordan Kaufman
Brendan Keefe
Evan Kendrick
Adam Knaszak
Katherine Larson
Barbora Lazarova
Megan McGhee
Miriam Merliss
Burke Modisett
Chelsea Nelson
Megan Peden
Elin Pipatti
Desiree Porter
Megan Robb
Julie Rodriguez
Jensen Roll
Ashley Rotholz
Maria Schmitt
Chevonne Sewer
Katherine Skinner
Leanne Stone
Gregory Stone
Ryan Struble
Alexandra Swallow
Junji Tsunomura
Asher Weinstein
Martyna Wiacek
Taj Zahran

Fall 2013

Allison Weiler
Amanda Beland
Andres Gonzalez de Mendoza
Andrew Brazel
Ann Monaghan
Athena Petredis
Aubrey Crawley
Carolyn Kuzmin
Christopher Crosby
Christopher Pacitto
Colleen Cooper
Conor Johnson
Cooper Boyd
Daniel Bower
Danielle White
Danin Greusel
Deanna Andolina
Egheosa Edomwonyi
Emeline Preston
Erin Riley
Frank Garcia
George Wall
Gianna Codella
Holly Preston
Jackson Larkin
Jacqueline Orr
Jada Dalley
Jake Battersby
James Dorsett
Jill Soscia
Josiah Jodrey
Justin Choe
Kaitlyn Grant
Katherine Pemberton
Katherine Welch
Kathryn McGettigan
Kelly Smith
Kent Philbin
Kerianne Doran
Kristan Scala
Kyle Maney
Kyle Scott
Lauren Linnan
Linley Benson
Mae Lim
Maria Restuccio
Maritza Gamboa
Mark Holmes
Mary Sullivan
Meghan Greene
Melanie Siedman
Michael Hart
Morgan Smith
Nicholas Cianciara
Nicole Manning
Noah Sakin
Robert Kratz
Sam Paone
Shruti Anantatmula
Stephen Kae
Tammy Wong
Taylor Lawson
Theresa Gilligan
Travis Sprague
Tucker Bolding
Vivienne Miller