During the upcoming registration periods, if a class is closed when you register, you will have the option to waitlist several School of Communications courses (with the exception of COM 100 and SPT 212) via OnTrack. The waitlist will prioritize students based on two factors: 1) being a graduation candidate, and 2) the number of credit hours accumulated.

You will be able to view the total number of students on the waitlist. However, you will not know your ranking on the waitlist, as this may change depending on who signs up to waitlist a particular course. If a seat becomes available in a course that was previously closed, and you are first on the waitlist, you will receive an email. Please note that you will only have 24 hours to claim your spot. If you do not respond to the email request, then you will lose your spot on the waitlist. If this occurs, you may re-add yourself to the waitlist, however we will not be able to accommodate students who missed their opportunity to register through the waitlist process. Be sure to check your email daily!

If you have questions, contact Associate Dean Don Grady or the Registrar’s Office.

How to use the Waitlist

Waitlist Instructions (PDF)