Picture of different Take & Make kitsTake & Make kits are a chance for you to take a break and make something. The kits are portable (in bags, jars, fabric, whatever) so you can work on the project in the Maker Hub, in your apartment, or wherever you’d like.

What’s in the bag?

The tools and supplies you’ll need for the project. Some projects will be easier with a sewing machine or a hot glue gun or another small tool that’s available in the Maker Hub – that’ll be noted on the instructions. If you have leftover tools or supplies that you won’t reuse, please return them to the Maker Hub.

Want to customize your project? Visit the Maker Hub and add paint, vinyl stickers, laser engraving, glitter, and more to personalize your project.

Read more about Take & Make on Today @ Elon. 

Where can I find one?

Kits will be available at several spots on campus, including both Maker Hub locations.

  • Maker Hub – Downtown: Above Pandora’s Pies in Elon Town Center. The entrance is next to the Wells Fargo ATM. See hours in the left column.
  • Maker Hub – Colonnades: In the lobby of Building E in the Colonnades neighborhood. See hours in the left column.
  • New location in 2021! Belk Library: Look for the box on the front desk.

What are the projects?

Below is a list of Take & Make projects released so far. We’ll update this page when new kits are released.

Fall 2021

Take & Make is back this Fall! This year, we’re planning on making more kits but fewer projects. We’re shooting for about 80-100 of each kit, released about every three weeks. Stay tuned!

Macrame Rainbow

Released: 8/25/2021Picture of a finished macrame rainbow

Grab this kit and make a rainbow decoration by wrapping embroidery thread around rope. It’s a simple project that you can hang in your car, apartment or give to a friend.

Upload a photo of your rainbow and earn 150 Maker Cred. Learn more about Maker Cred on Moodle.

Braided Wish Bracelet

Picture of a finished wish braceletComing: 9/15/2021

Make a bracelet for yourself or someone you care about. In this project, you’ll braid three pieces of twine and add 3 beads to them. It’s like a friendship bracelet, just more subtle 🙂

Upload a photo of your rainbow and earn 150 Maker Cred. Learn more about Maker Cred on Moodle.

Sock Animals

Picture of cat and whale sock animalComing: 10/6/2021

Make a fuzzy companion from a sock. In this project, you’ll pick a pattern for an animal, cut out the sock, add buttons for eyes, stuff it with pillow stuffing, and sew it together.

Upload a photo of your animal and earn 150 Maker Cred. Learn more about Maker Cred on Moodle.

  • Instructions for Sock Animals (Coming soon)

Phone Pouch

Picture of the phone pouchComing: 10/27/2021 

Make a cute pouch to protect your electronics! You can also use this pouch to store small bits and bobs you have hanging around your room. In this project, you’ll sew two pieces of fabric together – either by hand or using a sewing machine in the Maker Hub.

Upload a photo of your pouch and earn 150 Maker Cred. Learn more about Maker Cred on Moodle.

Spring/Winter 2021


picture of supplies in scrapbook kitReleased 5/5/2021

In this kit, you’ll create a simple scrapbook to document the past year. You’ll tie together a book that you can fill with photos, writing, and stickers (included in the kit). Make one for yourself or someone you care about.

Upload a photo of your scrapbook and earn 150 Maker Cred. Learn more about Maker Cred on Moodle.

Reusable Face Wipes

Released 4/21/2021Image of reusable face wipes

We released this kit in the fall, and it was so popular we’re doing it again! In this kit, you’ll create the perfect substitution for disposable face wipes. You’ll cut 10 circles of fabric then hand sew two layers together to create a soft and more sustainable cloth face wipe.

Upload a photo of your face wipes and earn 150 Maker Cred. Learn more about Maker Cred on Moodle.


Image of the origami dog projectReleased 4/7/2021

In this kit, you’ll create an origami dog, tulip, and heart using only paper. It’s an easy introduction to the Japanese art of folding paper to create interesting shapes.

For more information and the history of origami, visit Between the Folds from PBS. 

Upload a photo of your origami and earn 150 Maker Cred. Learn more about Maker Cred on Moodle.

Reusable Lunch Bag

Image of a reusable lunch bag

Released 3/31/2021

Keep your lunch cool in this hand-sewn lunch bag. You’ll fold the plastic fabric, sew on velcro strips, and sew-up the sides using a blanket stitch.

Upload a photo of your lunch bag and earn 150 Maker Cred. Learn more about Maker Cred on Moodle. 


Picture of a finished sit-uponReleased 3/24/2021

A sit-upon is a small, water-resistant cushion that you can take anywhere and have a soft place to sit. They’re great for camping trips, outdoor events, and other places where you might have to sit on the ground. In this project, you’ll hand sew two vinyl pieces together and fill them with pillow stuffing.

Upload a photo of your sit-upon and earn 150 Maker Cred. Learn more about Maker Cred on Moodle. 

Lavender Stress Ball

Released 3/10Image of a stress ball

What’s better than a stress ball? A stress ball that smells like lavender every time you squeeze it! In this project, you’ll hand sew a piece of fabric into a bag and fill it with stuffing and dried lavender.

Upload a photo of your stress ball and earn 150 Maker Cred. Learn more about Maker Cred on Moodle. 

Hand Warmers

Picture of a finished hand warmerReleased 3/3

Warm-up your hands with these adorable hand warmers. In this project, you’ll hand-sew two rectangles of fabric together. Then stuff it with dried corn or rice. Throw the warmers in the microwave, and they’ll retain heat and keep you toasty. No previous sewing experience required for this 20-minute project.

Upload a photo of your hand warmer and earn 150 Maker Cred. Learn more about Maker Cred on Moodle. 

Leather Business Card Holder

Picture of the finished business card holderReleased 2/24

Have a stack of business cards? Make this holder to keep them from getting bent or lost. Fold the pre-cut leather and sew up the two sides to make this simple hand-sewing project. No previous sewing experience required for this 15-minute project.

The leather in this kit is upcycled from a local thrift shop.

Valentine's Day Cards

Materials inside of kitsReleased 2/10

Need a Valentine’s Day card? This kit includes a blank card, envelope, and a bunch of Valentine-themed stickers and decorations.

Want to give your card a unique look? Laser engrave it! Both the laser engraver in Downtown and the Glowforge in Colonnades can laser etch any design onto the card or the envelope. Get trained to use either laser engraver by visiting our Moodle site. Click “Enroll Me” to see the training options.

Phone Stand

Picture of the phone standReleased 2/3

In this super-quick project, you’ll assemble two laser-cut pieces of wood into a simple phone stand. Grab a Sharpie or some paint and personalize it.

Want to laser cut your own phone stand from acrylic or cardboard? Get trained to use the Laser Engravers in Maker Hub – Downtown on the Maker Hub’s Moodle site. Click “Enroll Me” to see the training options.

Phone stand design is from Instructables user pitakire. 

No-Sew Pillow

Image of a fleece no-sew pillow.Released 1/27

A pair of scissors is all you need to make this soft fleece pillow. You’ll stack the two pieces on top of each other, cut strips, tie the strips into knots and stuff it with the stuffing in the bag. Easy!

Face Coverings

Released 1/20

They were so popular in the Fall, we’re bringing them back again in January. Grab one of these kits to make your own face covering. The kits include hand-sewing needles, thread, and 2 pre-cut pieces of fabric: a 600 thread count tightknit cotton swatch and soft flannel.

Take What You Need Bracelet

Image of 3 bracelets on a wristReleased 1/13

Have you ever seen those sheets of paper that say, ‘take what you need’ and you rip the little tab off the bottom? This kit aims to do something similar by allowing you to make a bracelet and choose a word that has meaning to you. The idea is to wear the bracelet until you no longer feel you need the reminder/encouragement that the word provides.

Choose your word and create a bracelet for yourself or a friend. In this simple project, you’ll make a bead bracelet with a word of your choice.

Fall 2020

DIY Snow Globes

Image of a snow globe with a fishReleased 11/18

Each snow globe kit includes a 3D printed piece that you’ll glue inside the jar. You’ll then sprinkle in glitter and fill it with water. We have 3D-printed animals, Elon Es, and more. You can also 3D print your own! Search Thingiverse for whatever piece you’d like – keep in mind to make it small enough to fit inside the jar. Like these tabletop gaming pieces. Other supplies like paint, yarn, and more are available in the Maker Hubs.

Want to 3D print your own object? Take the 3D Printing: Getting Started training on the Maker Hub’s Moodle site. Or, visit a Maker Hub location and talk to a Consultant.

String Art Decor

Picture of an Elon E string artReleased 11/5

Hammer-out your Election frustration or joy with this string art project. You’ll glue together laser-cut pieces of wood and hammer 30-40 nails into your shape. You’ll then run a string along the nails to create an interesting and unique design.

Because this project requires a hammer, wood glue, and clamps, it will only be available in the Maker Hubs and not our partner locations.

Want to make your own shape? Get trained to use the Laser Engravers in Maker Hub – Downtown on the Maker Hub’s Moodle site. Click “Enroll Me” to see the training options.

Animal Ears

Picture of animal ears on a headbandReleased 10/28

Need a last-minute Halloween costume? Grab this kit and make a pair of animal ears of your favorite animal. This easy 15-minute DIY craft can be done by all levels of experience!

Fabric Coffee Sleeve

Image of a fabric coffee sleeveReleased 10/5

The weather is getting colder. Use this reusable sleeve for your hot (or cold) beverage and stay warm. This is an easy 10-minute project that’s a good introduction to hand sewing.

Friendship Bracelets

Picture of bracelet on wristReleased 9/28

Take a break and make something for a person you care about. We’ll supply the string, you supply the friend. Be sure to check the bag – we’ve attached samples of the string that’s inside.

Cashmere Scrunchies & Headbands

Picture of headbands and scrunchiesReleased 9/16

We upcycled sweaters from a thrift store so you can make cashmere scrunchies and headbands!

Check the writing on the bag for the color: black (b), white (w), light blue (lb), or orange (o). Some kits include materials to make either a headband or a scrunchie (s/h). Or just a scrunchie (s).

DIY Kitchen Towel

Picture of dish towelReleased 9/9

This project is an easy way to personalize an apartment with your own touch of creativity. Pick out your fabric from a selection of pre-cut materials & make your own functional dish towel to display for all to see!

We recommend making this project in the Maker Hub with a sewing machine. You can hand sew it, but it’ll take longer.

DIY Reusable Makeup Wipes

Image of makeup wipesReleased 9/2

This project is the perfect substitution for disposable makeup wipes. With just a few materials & some easy steps, you can ditch your old wipes & transition to a more sustainable option.

Face Covering Case

Picture of a face covering caseReleased 8/26

Need a place to store your face masks when you’re not wearing it? Grap this kit with a second-hand glasses case to repurpose into a case for your mask.

Face Coverings

Image of making a face coveringReleased 8/19

There are four different kits for face coverings. Some only require hand stitching, and others (the ones without the pleats) would be easier using one of the sewing machines in Maker Hub – Colonnades. The type of mask you have, and its size, will be written on the bag.

The face covering kits were created following the CDC guidelines on cloth face coverings. Please wash them before use and ensure a good fit.

Please note the small-sized kits run small.

Who helped with this initiative?

Campus Recreation & Wellness, CREDE, Counseling Services, Student Care and Outreach, and the Maker Hub.

Special thanks to the Maker Hub Consultants who created these kits. They identified the projects, prototyped it, and packed all the kits.

  • Leah Cooper in both 2020-2022
  • Emma Goering in 2020-2021
  • Christina Wyatt in 2021-2022
  • Thanks also to Maker Hub Consultant Grayson Meadors who created the Take & Make icon.