The pioneer and leader in experiential learning

Colleges across the country embrace the value of engaged teaching and learning. Elon pioneered this approach 25 years ago with excellent classroom teaching that includes simulations, research, group projects and presentations, along with programs beyond the classroom, called the Elon Experiences – study abroad, internships, undergraduate research, service and leadership.

Elon undergraduates lead the nation in engaged learning:

Study abroad
(Elon 82%, National Average 15%)
Complete an internship
(Elon 85%, National Average 48%)
Hold a leadership position
(Elon 71%, National Average 35%)
Work with a faculty mentor on a research project
(Elon 42%, National Average 23%)
Participate in a learning community
(Elon 42%, National Average 23%)
Have a culminating senior capstone experience
(Elon 87%, National Average 45%)
Participate in two or more “high-impact learning practices”
(Elon 96%, National Average 59%)

(Sources: Elon student surveys [2019], National Survey of Student Engagement [2019], Institute of International Education [2019])

Examples of how we learn

Students help select questions, conduct the poll, crunch the data and prepare the findings for public release.
Lumen Scholars receive $20,000 to support two-year research projects that are guided by faculty mentors.
Students plan, produce and staff more than 70 live broadcasts of Elon Phoenix competition.
Nine out of 10 students complete at least one internship with businesses and organizations around the world.
Students connect and partner with about 100 community agencies and organizations, including tutoring and mentoring students in the local public school system.
Elon music theatre graduates star in Broadway shows and music production grads are making waves in Nashville and Hollywood.

The national leader in global engagement.

A global perspective is central to an Elon education. From their first-year Global Experience courses to their senior seminars, students gain a deeper understanding of people, societies and environments around the world.

Haydn Stucker at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro

The course was about wilderness therapy, and how nature experiences can help treat patients. Before we left for Tanzania, we did related classwork. What I didn’t realize was that I became a ‘patient’ on the mountain. I was experiencing the treatments that we learned about, leaning on others, and learning more about myself in climbing the mountain.

Haydn Stucker ’23
computer science and engineering double major


Elon’s global campus includes centers with faculty-in-residence in Florence, London, Shanghai and Dunedin, New Zealand. Students spend semesters abroad or take one-month courses during the January Winter Term.

Study USA

Students spend full semesters or the summer taking courses and doing internships based in Elon centers in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Learning and living on the nation’s most beautiful campus

As a designated botanical garden with splendid vistas, brick pathways and classic architectural design, Elon is regularly recognized for having the nation’s most beautiful campus. This is an environment designed for human interactions. From spacious outdoor plazas to student-faculty engagement spaces, cozy group study nooks, active Maker Hubs and inviting dining halls, Elon’s campus promotes collaboration and community.

The Great Hall in the internationally themed Global Neighborhood is popular for study sessions as well as larger group events.
Belk Library and Koenigsberger Learning Center are academic hubs at the center of campus.
The focus is on strong community and personal wellness in the eight residential neighborhoods and more than 25 learning communities.