Muslim Prayer and Community Spaces

On site facilities:

  • Prayer rooms in the Numen Lumen pavilion that can be used for daily prayer; prayer rugs provided by the Truitt Center
  • Separate ablutions rooms for brothers and for sisters
  • Multi-faith prayer spaces that can be reserved by different groups for regular use or for special occasions/holidays
  • Muslim Student Association chapter on campus

Prayer rooms in the Numen Lumen pavilion.

Off Campus prayer centers:

Burlington Masjid

1908 S Mebane St, Burlington, NC 27215
(919) 998-9078

Pakistan Islamic Foundation

1315 HWY 61, Whitsett, NC, Gibsonville, NC 27249
(336) 538-1645

The Pakistan Islamic Foundation has a prayer hall for Friday Jumu’ah prayer and daily Isha prayer. This community offers occasional acitivities, Traveeh during Ramadan, and has an on-site Muslim cemetary. As the closest prayer center to campus, the Pakistan Islamic Foundation welcomes Elon students of all backgrounds.

Islamic Center of Greensboro

2023 16th Street, Greensboro, NC 27405
(336) 375-4908
Imam Ahmed Yaser

The Islamic Center of Greensboro is an active and thriving part of the Islamic Community, offering educational experiences and social gatherings for the Greensboro area ummah. There are classes available to learn Quran and Arabic, in addition to classes for new Muslims to learn Hadith, Quran, Sunnah, and how to live Islamically. This Center offers Muslims an opportunity to meet other Muslims, to form friendships, and to gain mentors among long-time and lifelong Muslims.

Islamic Center of the Triad

4930 Mary Street, Greensboro, NC 27409
(336) 856-2870
Badi Ali, ICT President

The Islamic Center of the Triad is a diverse community of Muslims who live, work and worship in the Triad area of North Carolina. This Islamic Center is open every day of the year, offering all five daily prayers. The Imams and EC Members of the Islamic Center of the Triad engage with and provide religious guidance for Muslims of all ages. This Center has committed itself to dialogue, and offers to arrange for knowledgeable community members to share information about Islam with the Elon community, or any organization who might be interested.

Al-Ummil Ummat Islamic Center

2109 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406
(336) 574-3689

Al-Ummil Ummat Islamic Center (AUUIC) was established in the Greensboro area in 1987. In an effort to practice and implement the Deen, Al-Ummil Ummat seeks to provide activities for Muslims living in the Triad area. All Muslims are welcome to partake in worship and/or events without regard to race, ethnicity, nationality, Islamic sect or any affiliation with other Masjids or Centers.