Elon University Offers a wonderful array of academic opportunities. We encourage current and prospective students, staff, advisors, and parents to explore these opportunities through various campus resources. As advisors, we are available to discuss the options you find, help you interpret these options, and help you create a graduation plan to accomplish these and other academic goals while at Elon.Not sure where to start?

A great starting point is Majors, Minors, & Programs. This website provides a handy list of all the academic opportunities Elon offers. Visitors to this site can search by Undergraduate Major or Undergraduate Minor.  Following the information for each leads the visitor to the Elon University Academic Catalog.

The Office of the Registrar creates an annual online Academic Catalog, or Smart Catalog. Entering students must follow the latest up-to-date Academic Catalog for their academic requirements. This is true both for first-year and transfer students. Returning students may opt to use the Academic Catalog from when they entered Elon or a newer Academic Catalog.



The websites for our respective College and Schools are also helpful resources.

School of Communications

Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education

Elon College, The College of Arts & Sciences

Martha & Spencer Love School of Business