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Payment Options

New Online Payment Option

Elon now offers a secure online payment option—so you can pay tuition and fees right from your home computer! Just go to and follow the instructions provided in the fall bill that was mailed to your home address. Pre-payment deadline for the fall semester is August 1.

Standard Payment Option

Elon sends students/parents a bill for each semester or term. Bills for the fall semester are sent out in early July with a prepayment deadline in early August. For the spring semester, bills are sent in early December with a prepayment deadline in early January. Students who meet the prepayment deadlines and who have preregistered need not go through the registration sessions held on campus at the beginning of each semester. Any financial aid a student is receiving will be reflected on the bill as a credit against the charges.

TuitionPay Administered By Higher One

Payment plans are a valuable budgeting aid, allowing families to spread college costs evenly over the majority of the year, rather than paying the entire cost of a semester at one time. Elon offers the Tuition Pay - Elon 10-Month Payment Plan. Payments can be spread out over a 10-month period and begin on June 1 prior to the start of the fall semester. The cost to participate is $55 per year. Information will be mailed to all admitted students in April.

Credit Cards

For parents who desire to charge some or all costs (after any aid is subtracted) to a credit card, Elon does accept American Express, Mastercard and Discover.