End of Semester Closing-FAQs

How can I prepare to move out of the residence halls/apartments?
The end of the semester is a busy time for students and preparation is key. If you will be visiting home before the end of the semester, we encourage you to take home any unneeded belongings such as off-season clothing. You should also read and understand the check out procedures for your neighborhood.

When must I vacate my residence?
The Residence Halls officially close for summer at 10am on the Wednesday after final exams. Students are expected to check out of their residence hall space no later than 24 hours after their final exam.

What if I cannot check out of the residence halls 24 hours after my last exam?
Exceptions will be made for graduating seniors or for non-graduating seniors who have an official role in Commencement. If you are involved in any of the above activities, you must be listed on rosters submitted to Residence Life by the administrator or faculty member coordinating your activity. It is your responsibility to confirm you are on the list.
If you are a non-graduating resident NOT participating in an APPROVED activity, you are expected to check out no later than 24 hours after completing your last exam. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from meeting this deadline, you must submit a break housing request to your Assistant Director.

How do I check out of my residence hall/apartment?
You must schedule a time to check out with your student staff member. They will have signup sheets posted outside of their doors beginning mid-May.
Once everyone has checked out of your specific room/apartment, a Residence Life staff member will inspect your room/apartment to evaluate the condition of the room and whether or not to assign charges. The Assistant Director will make the final decision whether or not to charge for damages.

Can I store my belongings on campus during the summer?
We do not offer storage options on campus during the summer. Students can contact local storage companies for their needs.

How can I avoid damage charges?
• Have a discussion with your roommate(s) and decide who will take responsibility for specific tasks in the room.
• Be sure all university furniture is present in the room/apartment.
• Remove all personal belongings.
• Remove all non-university furniture such as lofts, carpets, chairs, bookshelves, refrigerators, etc. Do not leave these items in stairways, hallways, or lobby areas.
• Remove trash and sweep floors.
• Remove all posters, tape, stickers and nails from furniture, walls, ceilings, closets and doors. Remove all items from your room/apartment door bulletin board.
• Wipe down all surfaces.
• Close and lock your windows.
• Make sure the door is closed and locked when the check out is complete.

If an item is damaged in my room how much will I be charged?
Costs vary depending on the item damaged and severity.

Am I responsible for damages which may occur in common areas?
When common area damage occurs (lounges, hallways, stairways, etc) the students in the community will be billed directly for the repairs if no one takes responsibility.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?
Contact Residence Life at residencelife@elon.edu or 336.278.7300 if you have questions.