Committed to teaching, scholarship & mentoring

Student life at Elon Law is enriched through a close association with faculty who provide a global perspective and a commitment to innovative teaching, scholarship, service and mentoring. Members of the faculty are renowned experts in legal education, having authored numerous books, articles and presentations for national and international conferences aimed at improving teaching and learning in law schools. They are at the forefront of Elon’s mission to create a national model of engaged learning in legal education. In addition, the law school has actively recruited international law scholars who bring broad research and experiential credentials. Faculty members are involved in an array of public service activities, sharing the view that service is an important professional obligation and a fundamental part of the ethos of Elon Law. They are actively engaged in scholarship addressing many of the nation’s and the world’s most pressing challenges.

Resident Faculty

Extended Faculty

  • Brennan Aberle
  • Bert Andia
  • Anika Bailey
  • Roy Baroff
  • Abbie Baynes
  • Ashley Bennington
  • Shaketa Berrie
  • Felicia Branch
  • Damon Duncan
  • Natalie Folmar
  • Onica Fuller
  • Marvin Genzer
  • Christon Halkiotis
  • Johnna Herron
  • Ashleigh Johnson
  • Janet Keefer
  • Jennifer Ledford
  • Jennifer Martin
  • Barbara Morgenstern
  • Terry Meinecke
  • Jake Pryor
  • Kate Shimansky
  • Michael Silver
  • Daniel Smith
  • Adam Tarleton
  • Kelly Thompson
  • Jessica Yanez

    Faculty Emeriti

    Bonnie McAlister