Drive and Park

The Bellemeade City Parking Deck, located at the corner of Bellemeade and Greene Streets, is the closest parking to the law school. The university has arranged for a limited number of spaces in this deck for use by law students. Students may deal directly with the law school Registrar’s Office to obtain their spaces in the deck. The university will pass along its cost for these spaces to students who would like to purchase a space ($114 per month). Please note that we do not have enough cards for each entering or upper-level law student, so these cards will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. After the law school’s allotment of spaces has been depleted, students may attempt to secure a parking space directly from the city parking deck.

The law school also offers a free parking lot for students located approximately three blocks from the school at the corner of Church Street and Friendly Avenue. Because this parking lot is not owned by Elon, we cannot guarantee that it will be available for the entire academic year. Students must display an Elon University parking sticker to park in this lot. This lot is policed by a local towing company to ensure only Elon students park there; this company relies on the stickers to determine who is authorized and will tow any vehicles that do not properly display a sticker, including Elon students (they will NOT waive the towing charges, even at the request of the law school administration). Entering students receive an Elon parking sticker during Orientation. Towing enforcement will begin the Friday of Orientation week.

There are metered spaces available on Greene Street directly in front of the law school and on Commerce Street behind the law school. While not a practical or affordable long-term option for students because of the length of most school days, this option can be of assistance when a visitor plans to spend less than two hours at the law school. City meters utilize the ParkMobile app as an option for payment of meters.

Public Transit

Rather than driving into the downtown area daily, students may choose to utilize Greensboro’s public transportation system. Visit this link for more information on routes available through the Greensboro Department of Transportation.

Healthy Options

Students who live close enough to the law school may also choose to walk or ride their bikes to the law school. For bikers, there are several bike racks on the sidewalk in front of the law school.