Elon Law 3Ls and alumni seeking reciprocity at other schools

What is reciprocity?

Many law schools around the country, including Elon University School of Law, participate in a system known as reciprocity, whereby third-year students and alumni can use resources from career services offices at law schools they do not or did not attend. Third-year Elon Law students and Elon Law alumni may request reciprocity from law schools outside North Carolina, and are permitted to do so at one school per 90-day period, beginning with the start of the 3L fall term. Each law school’s career services office has its own reciprocity policy. These policies can be found on the National Association for Law Placement’s website (NALP).  The Office of Career & Student Development recommends that Elon Law students and alumni seeking reciprocity from another law school’s career services office familiarize themselves with that school’s policy before making a reciprocity request. Please note that most law schools do not permit reciprocity during certain blackout periods, particularly fall recruiting (usually August 1 – December 1).

How do I request reciprocity?

Reciprocity from another law school must be requested by the Office of Career & Student Development on behalf of a third-year student or alumni. To begin this process, please schedule an appointment with your career advisor using Pathways (formerly Symplicity).

3Ls and alumni from other schools seeking reciprocity at Elon Law

Elon University School of Law is pleased to provide access to our Office of Career & Student Development to students and graduates of other ABA-accredited law schools outside the state of North Carolina.  The guidelines for reciprocity are as follows:

  1. A career services employee from the applicant’s law school must send a letter via mail or email requesting reciprocity for their student or alumnus. No walk-ins or phone requests will be considered. The request should clearly state that the requesting school will make similar reciprocity services available to Elon Law students and alumni. Following receipt of a response from our office, the student or alumnus may contact our office to arrange a mutually convenient time to visit the office, except during those times noted in Paragraph 3 below.
  2. Services are available to 3L students and alumni in good standing from ABA-accredited law schools outside of North Carolina which permit Elon Law students and/or alumni similar access to their career services facilities and resources.
  3. Requests for reciprocity will not be processed and reciprocal services will be suspended from February 15 through May 31.
  4. Our reciprocal services will be available for ninety (90) days from the date the request is approved by our office.
  5. Reciprocal services include the following:
    1. Access to employment postings via Elon Law’s online recruiting system, Pathways on the 12Twenty platform; and
    2. Access to general career and employer information in the Office of Career & Student Development’s Resource Library.
  6. Reciprocal services exclude the following: On- and off-campus interviews, career counseling, resume and cover letter review, job fairs, and use of office equipment. Also excluded is access to Elon Law’s Lexis and Westlaw accounts.
  7. The 3L student or alumnus must indicate in their cover letter(s) to any employer(s) that the job listing was received from the Elon Law Office of Career & Student Development through a reciprocal agreement between the student’s or alumnus’ law school. Failure to do so will result in immediate revocation of reciprocity privileges.
  8. The Office of Career & Student Development has the discretion to review each request for reciprocity independently and to make the decision to grant or deny services based on the demands on the Elon Law Office of Career & Student Development at any given time. Moreover, the Office of Career & Student Development may terminate services to individuals who misuse the facilities or services. The Office of Career & Student Development reserves the right to adjust the above policy if the requesting school has a more restrictive policy.

For further information or to direct a letter of request, please contact:

Stacie Dooley
Assistant Dean for Career & Student Development
Elon University School of Law
201 N. Greene Street
Greensboro, NC 27401