There are many stakeholders with vested interest in the outcomes of important cases making their way through federal appellate courts and courts of last resort. Elon Law’s Constitutional Law Appellate Advocacy Clinic connects eligible clients with a legal scholar who manages a team of students that research and draft briefs that contribute to the judiciary’s understanding of complex legal questions, and that bring to light inconsistencies in the application of what is perceived to be settled law.

Open to a wide range of clients, the clinic focuses in particular on questions of law that involve speech and religion through the First Amendment, as well as Equal Protection and Due Process.

Supervised by Professor Scott Gaylord, students have researched and drafted two petitions for writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States, an amicus brief on the merits in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, and an amicus brief on the merits to the Kentucky Supreme Court. Potential clients should contact Professor Gaylord as early as possible and have a submission deadline in mid- to late-February or early March of each calendar year.

Student Reflections

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