Elon’s law school will:

  1. Complement and strengthen the University’s existing programs, particularly those that relate to the arts and sciences, experiential education, technology and its application, international studies and programs, business, leadership and public service
  2. Be a national leader in examining and addressing opportunities and problems in the legal profession and legal education through research, public service and innovation
  3. Provide a distinctive program of legal education that will develop exceptionally-educated, well-motivated technologically savvy, internationally aware, and effective lawyer-leaders for whom there will be a continuing need
  4. Help meet the national and regional demand for legal education in times of great demand, and compete successfully for excellent, well-motivated law students in times of diminished demand
  5. Be positioned qualitatively within the University as a synergistic center of excellence that helps generate resources of talent, energy, commitment, information, credibility and capital that will assist Elon in implementing stable, continuous improvements to each and every one of the University’s integral components.

The School of Law will demonstrate the following hallmarks of an Elon education:

  1. Students engaged in participatory and experiential learning activities
  2. An emphasis on leadership skills that are used in the service of others
  3. A perspective that reflects an awareness of global issues and their impact
  4. Close mentoring relationships with faculty and membership in a community of learners
  5. Strong ethical base and awareness of personal responsibility and opportunity