Fall 2023 Entering Class

We look forward to welcoming the Elon Law Class of 2025 in August.  We are excited that this year’s Orientation, the August Term and academic year will be in person on the law school’s Greensboro campus.

Administrative Requirements & Information (as of June 16, 2023)

  • Elon Email: You will receive an Elon email account by mid-July to use for school purposes. After you receive this Elon email account, you should start using it for school purposes as soon as possible. When school begins, this will become the primary method, and only email address, that the school will use to communicate with you. If you have not received your Elon email address by July 15, please contact the Help Desk at 336.278.5200.
  • Official Transcript(s): An official transcript is required from your bachelor’s degree-granting institution. If you have submitted a final transcript, including a degree conferral date, to the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) as part of the application process, this will satisfy the official transcript requirement. If not, you must send a final transcript to LSAC. Your final and official transcript must be received by LSAC by July 15.  The school cannot accept transcripts directly from a student or via services such as Parchment or Clearinghouse. Please note that ABA Standards dictate that law schools require each enrolling student to submit documentation that they have received a bachelor’s degree before they enroll in law school; a law school must withdraw a student who has not submitted this documentation by the time they enroll in law school.
  • Class of 2025 New Student Survey: Please complete the survey by July 15.
  • Health Forms & Immunizations. You must submit documentation of all required state and university immunizations or receive an approved waiver from the State of North Carolina. Now is the time to gather your immunization records from your current/former institution or primary care provider. You should schedule an appointment to receive any immunizations you may be missing before July 1.   For more information about submitting required immunizations, visit the Office of The Dean of Students website. Note: You cannot be cleared to arrive to attend class until your immunization records have been received and processed. Records received and processed after July 1 may result in a delay to your campus arrival. Questions about immunization compliance should be directed to Madelyn Pastrana,  Community Health Manager at (336) 278-7200 or immunizations@elon.edu.
  • Student Health Insurance: As a full-time law student you must complete your Student Health Insurance waiver process or enroll in the Student Blue Plan before beginning your fall classes. For more information about the university’s student health insurance requirement and the Student Blue Insurance Plan, visit the Office of The Dean of Students website. Note: If you do not complete the student health insurance waiver process or enroll in the Student Blue plan your account will be flagged, and the premium amount ($1,939.50) will be automatically applied to your tuition bill. Questions about the student health insurance requirement should be directed to Tammy Hill, Student Health Insurance Project Manager, at (336) 278-7276 or healthinsurance@elon.edu.
  • Financial Aid: Questions about your financial aid package should be directed to Lynette Lorenzetti at lorenzet@elon.edu or (336) 278-7640.
  • Phoenix Card (Elon Student ID Card): All Elon University students are issued Phoenix Cards, the official Elon photo identification card. Once you have received your Elon University username and password, you are able to submit your Phoenix Card photo. Please submit your photo as soon as possible and before August 1. Instructions for submitting your photo and photo requirements are here. You will receive your Phoenix Card at the law school during orientation.
  • Parking: Students may park in the student parking lot at 208 N. Church Street, a few blocks from the law school (at the corner of Church Street and Friendly Avenue; entrance on Church Street) on the first day of Orientation. Students will receive Elon parking decals that day and may park free of charge in the Church Street lot throughout the academic year. If you are interested in a parking space in the Bellemeade city parking deck across from the law school, keep an eye on your email in mid-July. The Director of Academic & Administrative Services will send information regarding any available spaces around that time. If available, parking deck cards cost approximately $107 per month. For students interested in utilizing public transportation, the city operates a bus line, and a bus stop is located on the street corner beside the law school.
  • REQUIRED Core Grammar:  Please complete the Core Grammar pre-test no later than Friday, August 4, 2023. Core Grammar for Lawyers is an online program available here. For your Legal Method & Communication course, Core Grammar will be a required text. You will need to purchase a one-year subscription. Please enter 323-138-5172 for your class code. Full details are provided in the following letter from Professor Caroleen Dineen, Director of Legal Method & Communication and Professor of Law: Core Grammar for the Class of 2025
  • REQUIRED Kognito Mental Health Awareness Training: As part of Elon University’s goal to prioritize the mental health and well-being of our community, we ask that all incoming students complete Kognito At-Risk: Mental Health Awareness & Intervention Training by Wednesday, August 9, 2023. Students may access the program using their Elon credentials by logging into the program here.
  • Technology Requirements for Students: Elon Law has adopted technology requirements for the Class of 2025 for students to be properly equipped to participate in their classes and other activities. Entering students are required to read Elon Law’s Technology Policy and complete the acknowledgment form here.

Academic & Community Standards (Updated July 11, 2023)

Required Online Trainings

During the week of July 10, you will receive information via email from Vector LMS about two required online education programs: Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students and Diversity & Inclusion: Elon University – Skills for Professional & Grad Students. The email will originate from “Elon University Vector LMS Higher Education Training” with the subject line “Subject: [EXT] Vector LMS, Higher Education Student Edition Online Training.” Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive these emails on or around the week of July 10. You can also view your assigned courses using your web browser; go to the Vector LMS, Higher Education Student Edition website for Elon University at https://elon-nc.safecolleges.com/. You will login with your Elon email and password. If you need technical support, please visit:  https://vectorsolutions.force.com/vectorlmstrainingeducation/s/contactsupport.

  • REQUIRED Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students: This online educational program provides training on issues associated with sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. This is a federally mandated, Title IX requirement. If you completed this as an undergraduate, you still need to complete this program due to the changes in Title IX and the importance of this topic in higher education. If you have any questions about the content of this program or need to explore the possibility of an alternative assignment, you can contact the program administrator for Elon, Becca Bishopric Patterson, at bbishopric@elon.edu. This training should be completed by Sunday, August 6, 2023. 
  • REQUIRED Diversity & Inclusion: Elon University – Skills for Professional & Grad Students is an online education program that encourages you to reflect upon engaging across difference. The program includes information about university policies and practices with respect to diversity and inclusion efforts. It offers information about support resources and opportunities for developing cultural competency. If you have any questions about the content of this program, you can contact the program administrator for Elon, Carla Fullwood, at cfullwood@elon.edu. This training should be completed by Sunday, August 6, 2023.

Important Documents

Student Handbook & Academic Catalog: Students are required to read the Elon Law 2023-2024 Student Handbook & Academic Catalog (Class of 2025) and submit an acknowledgment form by August 2, 2023. UPDATED July 31, 2023, with a link to the handbook and calendar.

Community Standards: In addition to the Student Handbook & Academic Catalog and the Elon Law Technology Policy, students MUST read the Personal Responsibility Policy 2023 and the  Elon Law Honor Code, both of which will be discussed during Orientation. Entering students must complete an acknowledgment that they have read, understand, and will abide by all of these policies:

Career & Student Development Summer Checklist (Updated July 11, 2023)

RSVP for Friends & Family Day! On Tuesday, August 1, 2023, from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m., the Orientation Mentors will host Friends & Family Day for incoming students and their loved ones. After enjoying lunch together, participants will experience a mock class and learn more about life as a law student from mentors and their family members, who will offer stories and words of wisdom from their own experiences! Please let us know if you’re attending by completing this form no later than Sunday, July 23rd. 

Shop for professional attire, both business professional and business casual. There are many guides available on the internet about how these categories are defined, and here is a very brief Guide to Dressing Professionally in the Workplace to get you started! You will need to wear professional attire on Wednesday, August 2, for your professional photograph (just a headshot), and on Friday, August 4, for New Student Convocation.

Begin working on your resume. During the second week of August you will be working on developing your resume for the legal profession. Begin now to brainstorm (and write down) any jobs, volunteer positions, and experiences you may have had and the skills and knowledge you gained from those experiences. This will provide you with a good foundation to build your first law resume!

Create or update your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile can help you form new relationships, build your professional network, learn new skills, connect with potential mentors and employers – and of course, find a job! Ensuring you have a strong profile is a great way to start on these goals! Here is an informative introduction to creating your LinkedIn profile.

Connect with your mentor! You will be contacted by your mentor in mid-to-late July. Please make sure to respond to them and get to know them – they can be a tremendous resource to you as you transition to law school!

BONUS ASSIGNMENT! Set up an informational interview with an attorney in your town! Ask them about their law school experience, the work they do, what they wish they had known or done as they began their legal career, and any other questions you have as you embark on this journey. You can form a new connection with a practicing attorney and learn from someone who has been where you are about to be!

Continue working through the other items on the checklist and check back for updates!

Orientation & Mentors (Updated July 27, 2023)

Orientation and Friends & Family Day

The Elon Law mentors will host our 12th annual Friends & Family Day on Tuesday, August 1, to help new students and their families learn more about what it means to be a law student. Please let us know if you’re attending by completing this form no later than Sunday, July 23rd.

Get to know the mentors! You may read brief bios about each of our mentors here. You will need your Elon credentials to log in to this page.

Orientation for entering first-year students is August 2-4, 2023 with a focus on welcoming and acclimating students to the law school community. Students will be scheduled to arrive at different times on Wednesday, August 2, according to their last name. Other sessions during Orientation and the August term will be scheduled according to cohort assignments.

The full orientation schedule is available here: Elon Law 1L Orientation 2023 FINAL

August Term (Updated July 27, 2023)

The August term begins on August 7. Students will receive a more detailed August term schedule during Orientation.

  • Lawyering, Leadership & Professionalism (LLP) runs from August 7-11.
  • Introduction to Legal Studies (ILS) runs from August 14 – 25.

August term sessions are scheduled according to cohort letters (A-F). Cohort assignments will be made available in late July. Students may find their cohort assignments by logging on OnTrack and looking at their August class schedule. Instructions for logging on OnTrack and finding the cohort assignment will be provided when they become available.

Textbooks for August Term

LAW684A: “Lawyering, Leadership & Professionalism” (1 credit); August 7-11, 2023

Required text: Bradberry & Greaves, Emotional Intelligence 2.0 (Talent Smart 2009). Must be new version and contain access code for self-assessment. 978-0974320625.
Required item: One blank notebook (spiral, hardbound, whatever you would like is fine; removing used pages from a partially used notebook is also fine)

All other required materials will be provided to students on Pathways.

LAW605A: “Introduction to Legal Studies” (2 credits); August 14-25, 2023

Required Texts/Resources

Buy directly at https://www.westacademic.com/ to save 15%, using the code WAELON at checkout. Create an account and sign in to receive free shipping. For any issues, contact 877-888-1330 (option 4) or support@westacademic.com.

Legal Methods
Ginsburg & Louks
Foundation Press
5th Edition
ISBN: 978-1-68328-997-5

A Weekly Guide to Being a Model Law Student (Available for free via the West Study Aid Package.)
West Academic
1st Edition
ISBN: 978-1-62810-444-8

2023 Fall Trimester (Updated July 11, 2023)

Fall Trimester

The Fall Trimester begins August 28. Students may review the Fall 2023 course information for 1Ls (as of 7-11-23) that includes a general overview of the Fall Trimester, a general schedule, and a book list. Students will be able to access their individual course schedules via OnTrack during the last week of July.

Academic CalendarThe academic calendar for the Class of December 2025 is available here.

Elon Law Reaches Out (Updated July 27, 2023)

Saturdays in August (8/12, 8/19, 8/26) 

Now in its 16th year, Elon Law Reaches Out is one of Elon Law’s enduring traditions, introducing first-year students to the Greensboro community while providing an opportunity serve our neighbors in a variety of settings. This year we are partnering with Guilford County Schools to help prepare local schools for the return of their students. Tasks will vary depending on the needs of each school, but may include painting, preparing classrooms and bulletin boards, grounds beautification, as well as other needed preparations.

Students are required to participate in at least one service opportunity as part of their LLP requirements, but may participate in more than one if they choose.

Volunteers will need to complete an application/background check which can be done at gcsvolunteers.com. Select the “New Volunteer” link to register.