A groundbreaking model of legal education

Elon Law’s innovative curriculum positions you to excel in the rapidly evolving legal profession. In keeping with the school’s vision to be a pioneering “law school with a difference” and in emphasizing learning by doing, our program is designed with you in mind: highly experiential, personalized and professionally connected. Elon Law emphasizes learning by doing unlike any other American law school.

Highlights of Elon Law’s program:

  • The first and only law school to ensure that all students benefit from full-time, course-connected residencies in the practice of law
  • Experiential learning integrated throughout the curriculum, representing more than 20 percent of program
  • An introductory course for all students to develop skills essential for success in law school and the legal profession, including legal analysis, writing and professionalism
  • seven-trimester schedule in which students complete their studies in December, allowing them to take the February bar exam and begin law practice in the spring
  • A reduced tuition 20 percent lower than the private law school average and guaranteed not to increase once a student enrolls, plus substantial scholarship and fellowship opportunities

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