Elon Law has established articulation agreements with several universities that allow students to potentially complete their undergraduate and J.D. degrees in 5.5 years (3 years in undergraduate school and 2.5 years in law school).   Currently, the law school has agreements with the following universities:

Elon University
Guilford College
Meredith College
North Carolina A&T State University
Salem College

Generally, these programs allow students to complete all general education, major and minor requirements at their undergraduate schools in 3 years.  In their third year of undergraduate school, the student will apply to Elon Law and will be evaluated for admission based on their undergraduate academic record, LSAT score, involvement and leadership in school and community organizations, and character and fitness. Students applying for admission through the 3+2.5 year program should complete the application process by February 15 of the calendar year in which they are seeking admission to Elon Law.  Students must take the LSAT by December of their third year at their undergraduate institution, although applicants are strongly encouraged to take the LSAT by October of that year.

Students should contact their pre-law advisor early in the fall semester of that same year to discuss the admissions process.  Students and/or their prelaw advisor should notify Elon Law that the student is exploring admission through the 3+2.5 year program.  Before the applicant’s application to Elon Law will be approved, the student’s undergraduate school must (1) certify to Elon Law that the student will have completed their general education, major, and minor requirements by the end of their third year of undergraduate school and (2) approve the student’s enrollment at Elon Law under the 3+2.5 year program.

If admitted to Elon Law, the student will enroll at Elon Law during what would have been their fourth year of undergraduate school.  Courses successfully completed in this first year of law school are eligible for transfer back to the undergraduate school as elective credits towards the undergraduate degree, which the student will receive from their undergraduate school.

For more information about these agreements, applicants should initially contact their prelaw advisor or other designated official at their undergraduate school about satisfying the requirements noted above and obtaining the undergraduate school’s approval to enroll at Elon Law under the 3+2.5-year agreement.