Members of Elon University School of Law’s 2024 Pro Bono Board

There are many ways to get involved with pro bono work at Elon Law. Student organizations and individual students are involved in a number of different projects throughout the year.

The student-run Pro Board Board coordinates with students, organizations, faculty, administration, and the legal community to help assure that there are a number of opportunities available and that we are constantly developing new ways to serve the community.

Established in the fall of 2011, the Pro Bono Board has increased awareness among the student body about pro bono opportunities throughout the state and has helped to create additional service projects for students. Students serve through pro bono opportunities, such as the Tax Assistance Program, Wills for Heroes, and the Innocence Project. They also serve through the Humanitarian Immigration Law Clinic, Wills Clinic, and the Guardian ad Litem Clinic, to name just a few.

In addition to organizing new projects, the board provides a monthly newsletter and a bulletin board at the law school to keep students up to date on available projects. The newsletter and bulletin board provide interested students with detailed information regarding upcoming projects related to their preferred areas of practice.

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Joining the Pro Bono Board

Pro Bono Board members are selected each fall after an application and interview process to serve for a full calendar year. Please contact for more information.