The Early Decision option is available for prospective students who, after careful consideration of their future plans and a thorough investigation of a variety of law schools, have concluded that Elon University School of Law will provide them with the legal education that best fulfills their needs and expectations. Applicants who are certain that Elon Law is their first-choice institution are encouraged to apply as Early Decision candidates.

NOTE: Applicants to the Flex/Part Time (Charlotte) program may only apply Regular Decision.

Early Decision candidates must submit their applications by January 5, and all items necessary for completion of the application must be received by January 15. Only completed applications are considered for admission. An application is considered complete when all required documents have been received including: the application itself, the application fee, a CAS report, the personal statement, two letters of recommendation, and the character fitness statement (if necessary). Early Decision candidates must take the LSAT no later than the November test date to be considered for this option. Applicants should also consider, and incorporate into their application timelines, the time it will take for their CAS reports to be processed and transmitted to the School of Law.

Early Decision candidates agree that they will not submit an early decision application to any other law school this year. Early Decision candidates will be notified by January 31 with a decision. Decision options for Early Decision candidates are admitted, denied, or deferred for further review. Applications deferred for futher review are kept active with all other applications under the Regular Decision cycle. Some candidates deferred for futher review at the Early Decision stage may ultimately be offered admission through the Regular Decision cycle. If an Early Decision applicant is denied admission or the decision is deferred for further review, the applicant may continue being considered for admission to law schools to which he/she had previously applied and may initiate applications to additional law schools.

Early Decision candidates agree that, if admitted to Elon Law under the Early Decision option, they will withdraw any pending applications to other law schools and not submit any additional applications. The admitted Early Decision candidate will submit a non-refundable deposit of $750 to Elon University by the end of February or the date provided by the admissions team. This deposit will be credited toward fall trimester tuition.

Applicants admitted under the Early Decision option will be notified of the receipt of a law school scholarship prior to their deposit deadline; however, other financial aid awards, including loan packages, will not be determined until later in the spring.

The School of Law reserves the right to provide other law schools with the names of applicants accepted under its Early Decision option.