In February 2009, the students of Elon created and adopted an Honor Code. The Honor Council is responsible for the administration of the procedures set forth in the Honor Code created and adopted by the Students. The Honor Council also is responsible for the interpretation of the Code.

Elon Law Courtroom Meeting PhotoThe Chair of the Honor Council presides over all Honor Council trial panel proceedings, conducts meetings of the council, and serves as a liaison between the Honor Council and the Elon Law faculty and administration. The Chair of the Honor Council is Thomas Harvey.

The Vice Chair is responsible for meeting with the student body to explain the Honor Code and the function of the Honor Council and to provide such other education about the Honor Code as the Honor Council may consider necessary. The Vice Chair also schedules probable cause committee meetings and trial panels in the event of an alleged violation. The Vice Chair isĀ Cydney Meadows.

The Secretary is the duly appointed receiver of reported alleged Honor Code Violations. Once the Secretary receives as an alleged violation, the Secretary is responsible for appointing Solicitors, the Assistant Solicitor and, to the extent appropriate, Elected Defenders in any case before the Honor Council. The Secretary also maintains and manages all Honor Code files and transcribes Honor Council meeting notes. The Secretary of the Honor Council is Jim Coleman.