Sophomore Community Development ModelSophomore Community Development Model

The Sophomore Community Development Model focuses on themes that address the developmental needs of second year students.

  • Acting with Purpose focuses on aiding second year students to think intentionally about their engagement at Elon. During this time of year students are focused on determining their majors and potential career trajectory while at the same time trying to align potential elevated involvement opportunities with their values and goals.
  • Relationship Building focuses on second year students deepening their relationships with others, exploring new relationships and seeking out mentorship opportunities with peers, faculty and staff.
  • Community Responsibility focuses on second year students thinking about the role they play in shaping the Elon community as upper-class students. During this time a resident may be exploring who their identities, its intersections and the role they play in the various communities they engage with. Upper-class students set the tone for social norms and habits in a university context.
  • As the University has a greater focus on Wellness there will be a variety of efforts to promote and message the dimensions of wellness as a tool for holistic development. The six dimensions are community, emotional, purpose, physical, financial, and social well-being. Within the residential context our staff will aid in the promotion of well-being and resources.