Cost of attendance for the entering class of Fall 2021

Elon Law’s total tuition cost for the entering class of 2021 is about 20 percent below the average cost at other private law schools across the country (Source: ABA 2013 data of private law school costs). The total 2½ year J.D. program tuition for members of this entering class is $118,000, or lower for recipients of Elon’s substantial scholarship and fellowship awards. Members of the entering class are guaranteed there will be no tuition increases during their course of study.

Elon Law’s distinctive program is designed to lower the cost of legal education and prepare students for early entry into the job market. The nation’s first 2½ year standard J.D. program of study, providing an 86-credit curriculum, is strategically designed to maximize student learning and career success.

The program enables students to:

  • complete studies in December and take the February bar exam
  • reduce time in law school, lowering tuition and living expenses
  • begin careers earlier, in the spring or summer following graduation

While Elon Law’s tuition is reasonable in comparison with that charged by other exceptional private law schools, we realize it represents a significant financial investment by our students. We will endeavor to keep costs as low as possible, while providing our students with dynamic learning opportunities, excellent professors and state-of-the art facilities in which to learn.

When comparing Elon Law’s 2.5 year total program tuition with that of other law schools, it is important to calculate the other schools’ total program tuition by multiplying their annual tuition by three years. In addition, in contrast to Elon Law’s guaranteed tuition, many schools increase their tuition each year, so you may face higher tuition in your 2L and 3L years at other schools. Also, many law schools tack on hundreds or thousands of dollars of fees, such as technology or student activity fees, but Elon Law does not. Finally, you will want to take note of the conditional scholarship retention rate for the schools where you have been accepted, because many schools reduce or eliminate students’ scholarships based on their academic performance in the first year. Elon Law has not reduced or eliminated such scholarships in over seven years. 

The total program tuition cost of $118,000 is divided across terms as noted below. This division is subject to change during the second or third year, though the total tuition cost of $118,000 will not change.

Tuition for the entering class of 2021

Year & Trimester Tuition
First Year
Introductory Session $7,498
Fall Trimester $15,786
Winter Trimester $15,786
Spring Trimester $15,786
Second Year
Fall Trimester $15,786
Winter Trimester $15,786
Spring Trimester $15,786
Final Half Year
Fall Trimester $15,786
Total Program $118,000

Estimated Additional Expenses 2021-22

Additional (indirect) expenses are those not actually charged by Elon Law. They include expenses for housing, food, books and other school supplies, utilities, transportation, insurance and other personal expenses.

When comparing the additional expenses at Elon Law with those at other law schools, it is important to note that students at almost all other law schools incur these additional living expenses for three complete years. Our 2.5 year program, with its shortened third year and graduation in December, results in significant savings on these additional living expenses. In addition, students benefit from the relatively low cost of living in Greensboro compared to many other urban areas.

The numbers below represent the maximum amount a student may receive in financial aid for these indirect costs. They should not be viewed as an indication of the actual expenses incurred by each student. Many, if not most, students will incur less expense than this based on the choices they make, and students are encouraged to be as conservative as possible in their spending and particularly their borrowing to fund these expenses. For example, a student could park in the free parking lot provided by the law school, rather than spending the allotted $650 to rent a parking space in the city parking deck across from the school. In addition, many students under the age of 26 can remain on their parents’ health insurance and not incur the costs budgeted below.

Our Office of Financial Planning is available to assist with your financial planning and financial aid package.

Estimated Additional Expenses for First-Year August Session (August 2021) Estimated Expense
Room $1,070
Board $715
Utilities $185
Personal $455
Health Insurance $667
Rental Insurance $43
Books $300
Parking $65
Transportation $500
Total Estimated Additional Expenses-Introductory Session $4,000
Estimated Additional Expenses for Fall, Winter & Spring Trimesters Combined (Sept. 2021 – June 2022) Estimated Expense
Room $7,430
Board $5,005
Utilities $1,295
Personal $3,185
Health Insurance $2,001
Rental Insurance $299
Books $1,800
Parking $585
Transportation $3,500
Total Estimated Additional Expenses – Fall, Winter & Spring Trimesters $25,100

Estimated Additional Expenses for 2021-22 (1L Year): $29,100

Estimated Additional Expenses for 2022-23 (2L Year): $25,100

Estimated Additional Expenses for Fall 2023 (3L Year): $10,843*

Total Estimated Additional Expenses for All Three Years: $65,043

*In addition to the categories of expenses noted above, the estimated additional living expenses for the 3L fall trimester include the estimated average cost associated with bar licensure, $1,500.

Again, as noted above, many Elon Law students do not incur this amount of additional expense due to their careful planning and spending choices and the low cost of living in Greensboro.