Mission Statement

The Public Interest Law Society serves Elon University School of Law and the community through engaging students who are interested in pursuing a wide variety of public interest-related careers; promoting the value of public serve in the practice of law; serving as a forum for information-sharing between other public-interest related student and professional organizations, and advocating for the financial assistance for Elon Law student pursuing unpaid internships and residencies in the public interest sector.

Vision Statement

PILS will strive to make the world a better place, helping those in need, by acting selflessly and sacrificing for the greater good. PILS will engage in the public interest sector through encouraging support and involvement from law students, administration, faculty, and the community.


“To what greater object, to what greater character, can we aspire as lawyers than to assist the helpless and friendless in a worthy cause?  I say there is none.”

– John Adams, 1761

  • Faculty Advisors
    Steve Friedland
    Jenny Lane