This form is for attorneys and judges who are interested in participating in the Elon Law Residency Program as a Field Supervisor. If you are so interested, please answer the following questions and submit this form. Feel free to share this form with other attorneys or judges who also may be interested in participating. Information about the program can be found here.

This form is for judges and attorneys who are interested in participating in the Elon Law Residency or Externship Program as a Field Supervisor.

The Elon Law Residency in Practice Program is a part of the groundbreaking 2 1/2 year academic curriculum that includes a requirement that every student complete a residency in the second half of their second year. In Residency, students work 32-36 hours per week for 10 weeks, fully immersed as a part of a legal team in a judicial chamber or a law office and receive the benefit of supervision by a supervising judge or attorney who is the Field Supervisor and a Faculty Supervisor.

Students may opt for one of three paths to a Residency in Practice:

  1. Judicial match, which begins in May of a student’s first year of law school and matches students with judicial placements in the federal and state trial and appellate court level,
  2. an Independently Arranged Placement, which allows for a placement in any geographic region in an approved placement that meets the student’s professional goals or,
  3. Fall Match , which matches students with approved placements in the Greensboro Triad extending to Charlotte.

Another option for experiential learning is the Externship Program which allows for students to participate in an experienced based opportunity during the academic year or during the summer. This form is for both the Residency Program and the Externship Program.
In both the Residency Program and the Externship Program the student is required to have substantial lawyering type of responsibilities under the supervision of a judge or attorney( who has had a minimum of 4 years experience). The supervising judge or attorney enhances and enriches the students legal education by providing assignments and feedback to the student as if the student were a first year clerk or associate. While in Residency, students also participate in a concurrent academic component with supervision, guidance, and mentoring by a faculty supervisor. In addition, students will take a course to accompany the Residency in Practice and further integrate and enhance the students legal education.

  • Please use space below to provide application materials that you would like students to provide to you. We are currently updating our catalog of Residency Placements. Residency in Practice placements are an extraordinary opportunity to integrate doctrinal course work with practical experience. We could not do this without your support, thank you. Students will select or match with a Residency in Practice that is consistent with their professional goals. Residency matches will be confirmed in the first half of the students 2L year so that the students are ready to go out on Residency in the second half of their 2L year. Questions? Contact Professor Katherene Conner, Director of the Residency Program at or 336-279-9311