The Family Law Society gives members a practical understanding of family law problems and solutions through interaction with family law professionals; provides a forum for the discussion of family law issues; and disseminates information to students about opportunities in the field. Issues in Family Law include marriage and divorce, child custody, adoption, paternity, domestic violence, child abuse, foster care, and juvenile justice.

Some of our events throughout the school year include:

  • Family Law Attorneys Panels
  • Family Law Judges Panels
  • Private Investigator Panel

FLS holds periodic fundraising events and provides volunteer opportunities throughout the school year benefiting Family Services of the Piedmont, the Children’s Home Society, and the Battered Women’s Shelter.

If you are interested in joining the Family Law Society or have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the Executive Board Members:

Ayo Kuforiji

Vice President
Kionie James

Mary Williams

Johnna Brooks