Mission & Goals:

Latinx and Hispanic Lawyer Group Photo
The 2019 Executive Board (from left): Tanner Brantley, Cher Quibang, Cynthia Hernandez, and Kevin Acuna.
  • To work independently, and with other organizations, towards a common goal: bringing a reputation of excellence to Elon Law.
  • To establish a well respected organization that emphasizes on aiding the Latin American community within Elon Law and Greensboro as a whole.
  • To establish a well respected organization that emphasizes on minimizing the widely perceived cultural gap between Latinos and Americans.
  • To set up voter registration drives in alliance with the Latino Coalition of North Carolina.
  • To provide support to Latin American students entering Elon Law.
  • To provide support to the community of Greensboro by setting up bilingual (English-Spanish) VITA outings (Income Tax Form aid in alliance w/the Business Law Association).
  • To team up with Que Pasa News Media and El Norte News Media in order to solidify HLLSA as an organization that wants to bring important legal decisions/news to the Latino community.
  • This can be accomplished by having members act as guest columnists for these newspapers. Simultaneously, this will advocate that Elon Law has a Latin-American organization whose goal is to advocate for its community as a whole.
  • To bring cultural enrichment to Elon Law by hosting outings aimed to demonstrate the various aspects of Latino culture and its adaptation into American culture (i.e. Latin-American culture).