From left: Nic Parsons L’24, Kait Mehtani L’25, Ashton Hopson L’24 and Ashe Cooper L’24

OUTLaw is a social and educational organization that fosters a supportive and accepting environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students, faculty, staff, and professionals at Elon Law and in the greater legal community. OUTLaw educates the Elon Law and greater legal communities about the issues, needs, and concerns of their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender colleagues, clients, friends, and family. OUTLaw hosts social events for networking and socializing between members of the Elon Law community and practitioners in the greater legal community.

OUTLaw has hosted a Student/Alumni Networking Dinner to connect students to some of the local practicing LGBTQIA alumni, as well as to provide a relaxed social event for alumni to reconnect. OUTLaw has also hosted Karaoke Nights at the Q Lounge so members of the organization can socialize and de-stress before exams. The organization as a whole tries to create a welcoming atmosphere for LGBTQIA students at the law school through educational and social activities.

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Executive Director: Nic Parsons L’24
Vice-Executive Director: Ashe Cooper L’24
Director of Communications: Olivia Hughes L’25
Director of Graphic Design: Ashton Hopson L’24
Fundraising Committee Chair: Kait Mehtani L’25

Faculty Advisor
Katherine Reynolds