The 2024 SBA Executive Board, pictured left to right: Alexis Alston L’24, Caroline Decarvalho L’24, Baleigh Scheibner L’24, and Kyra Auguste L’24.

The Student Bar Association is the governing body that serves as the umbrella organization for other law school organizations and committees. Every student at Elon is automatically a member of the SBA and is represented by the executive board and class representatives.

In addition to serving as student advocates, the SBA organizes social events, town halls and service events for the student body. The SBA is the governing body of all student organizations at Elon Law.

The SBA’s Community Inclusion Committee (CIC) is committed to supporting the Elon Law community in maintaining and furthering its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. CIC works to constantly stand in support of every member of our community and ensure that everyone feels welcomed. It is the SBA’s belief that diversity equates to empowerment and, through the CIC, strives to empower all students in any way possible.

Student Bar Association Leaders for 2024

Alexis Alston

Vice President
Baleigh Scheibner

Kyra Auguste

Caroline Decarvalho

Class of 2024 Representatives
Election in progress

Class of 2025 Representatives
Election in progress